The final Solution - after all this effort

Dear community - it happened yesterday. To read that NEEO was sold to Control 4 - for quite a bit of money - made me angry, I supported the startup with more than average energy. The Kathrein C2851 settop-box was difficult to integrate, after more than 40 E-Mails Andy came over one evening to fix the integration (unsuccessfully, but I appreciate the effort very much). I also tried to establis a contact to Feller for BeamIt and zeptrion, since the devices don't work appropriate I fear there was no one talking to Feller.

Since all the different devices did not really work our table in the livingroom looked like the 1st picture...

Anyway - I decided to go back to Logitech Harmony and bought me an "Elite".  It's definitely not as stylish as the NEEO - but, you might be surprised - it really works. Everything, even the Feller Beamit does dim and the Kathrein settop-box works, even the ON/OFF, fast forward and rewind comands which were the problems Andy was working at. It took me roughly one hour to setup the Harmony - and it's "intuitive".

And again I was angry - this time about myself: Why did I ever buy a NEEO (Never Ever Operating...).

This was it for me. I wish you all a lot of patience, energy and passion to get forward - or another 250 buck to buy a Harmony.

Cheers. Ruedi

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  • Speaks out of my heart... 

  • It is funny and sad to see the Neeo in a picture with a bunch of remotes that need to be replaced with yet another universal remote 馃槙

  • I went is same direction, got Elite yesterday and it is already in function. 

  • I switched to the Harmony Elite a couple of months ago. Took a little bit for the rest of the family to get used to the new interface bit all is good now. Works with all of my devices and have been very happy. 

    I would have a picture like the one above but add in two more NEEO remotes. What a waste. I had really high hopes that I had found my endgame universal remote but I have proven wrong again. 

    Logitech may not be the best but with their latest generation of remotes they have vastly improved from their older lines from a few years back (800 series, I think?)