Recipe riddle: which device to use to get the recipe to work?

Andy I'm trying to create a recipe including shortcuts such that I can rename it.

It sounds easy - any advice? Which device?

Right now I have a recipe set up perfectly, except that I cannot change its name.  (It is a lifx bulb, and the name change doesn't change the name that appears on the remote.)

I've tried:

- Dummy Accessory 

- Create a custom recipe

These don't allow shortcuts.

I've tried a Tuner,  deleted all actions and set the slider to show only the Shortcuts - which works on the App, but the remote runs the recipe without showing the Shortcuts.

What can I do? Any advice?

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  • Andy SORRY!  Disregard!!  I just needed to add back Show Controls.  All good!

  • By the way, here's the three part solution that I found. Maybe this will be helpful to someone else.

    1- Device set up for Lifx light.  (Recipe name cannot be changed - is always LIGHT)

    2. Random device added. I used a Tuner.  Deleted everything from the launch recipe except Use Controls (for the Tuner).  Then created the various shortcuts I wanted, for Lifx and for other odds and ends that I wanted.

    3. Created a custom recipe.  Used the icon of choice. Named the recipe as desired.  Then used the controls from #2.  Named #2 a name that I liked as the header for the Shortcuts pages. (Couldn't use the controls from Lifx because then the header on the Shortcuts pages would have read LIGHT.)

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