NEEO and the Sonos Experience: Is is worth buying into the Sonos eco-system?

  • Bernard Cooper
  • Software Tester / Tech Enthusiast / Disenchanted KS NEEO backer
  • Bernard_Cooper
  • 2 yrs ago
  • 30

I've been um-ing and ah-ing about buying a Sonos Play:5.  I've already got a plethora of other wireless speakers but have been thinking about trying out Sonos, mostly because of the integration with NEEO and and the rapidly decreasing time frame to add new devices to NEEO before the servers go dark.

Is the Sonos experience on NEEO any good?  The news that broke over New Years around the Sonos trade-in offer and their server-based kill switch has dampened my enthusiasm for the brand.  Apparently you can't use (new) speakers without the cloud.  Remind you of anything? :P

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