Recipe with watt sensor never triggers

Hi, I've got a couple of Z-Wave switches that I want to use to trigger other actions when the the watt sensor goes below/over a certain value but it just never does. 

I've tried with the following devices:

  • Aoetec Smart Switch 6 (EU)
  • Neo Coolcam (EU)

I've tried with the following appliances:

  • Heater: 3000W (see picture)
  • Charger: 90W


I've tried to set recipes that trigger:

  • If watt sensor > 100W (see picture)
  • If watt sensor < 100W
  • If watt sensor < 5W
  • If watt sensor = 0W 


I can see that Neeo reads the value but I don't understand why it doesn't trigger any action (it doesn't appear in the event history). Any idea on what's wrong?

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  • As i don't use z-wave switches, or such types of recipes actually, i will pull in some guys that may help out here: Jeff  Tyler Pruce Paul Spee Michael Vogt Michael Kohler

    • Markus Mahr Joan Vallés

      The recipe looks good to me, but I have to confess I haven’t looked at recipes for a very long time.

      The inclusion / exclusion process is still broken and until that is fixed, I am not spending any time on testing the other aspects of z-wave.

    • Paul Spee Joan Vallés Markus Mahr


      i have the Aeotec switch as well, but was unable to get it to pair. I intend to use NEEO as a secondary zwave controller, and haven’t been able to get any devices to work yet that way.


      If there are changes to the z-wave process though I can retest to see.

    • Tyler Pruce Joan Vallés

      One thing is not clear whether NEEO uses triggers or conditions.

      NEEO should really have rules which would look like

      WHEN trigger IF condition THEN command

      If NEEO is using triggers, it will definitely will not work when the Brain is a secondary controller because NEEO does not implement association.

      Come to think of NEEO may need the device to send a notification. If your NEEO is not set up as a primary controller, you may want to set up the NEEO as primary controller. Next, you want to check when your device sends a notification. It may be necessary to change parameters to get the notifications right. Check the history to see whether you are receiving any notifications from your device. Your tamper switch could possible used to confirm it.

      I am guessing that to achieve what you want, your device needs to send a notification when the wattage changes after which the NEEO checks the condition.

    • Paul Spee why is the process broken? I've added/removed the devices without problem?

  • Triggering actions by sensor values does not work at the moment.


    I have kind of the same problem:


    I still have some hope, they will fix that with an update and some point.

    • Markus M 

      Well, it works for me when a hue lamp turns on (sensor) it turns on a Z-Wave switch. But I can't make it work with the watt sensor

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