"Power Off" for all devices does nothing, just "leaving recipe"

I recently reprogrammed my Neeo for my devices' power on ("launch") recipes, but now ALL of the power off recipes for all of my devices DOES NOTHING. All the display shows (on the remote or in the app) is "Leaving Recipe".

Indeed, in the app, all "power off" actions do nothing. i.e., if I edit the "power off" recipe for my blu-ray, and I try to test any of the "power off" remote commands (to TV and receiver), they do nothing. Weirdly, if I test other commands (select +, go through to the device, try TV->Menu, "test") then that works, but testing "power off" does nothing (except for blu-ray - see below.

Could this be related to me changing my power on sequences?

I changed the TV's "power on" remote command to "Power On (Macro Use)"? This seems to be much more reliable at turning on the TV (LG OLED65C7P) than the "Power On" command. Perhaps Neeo thinks the TV wasn't turned on, so won't turn it off?

I also changed the receiver's power on sequence to simply select the input - this turns on the receiver. automatically. This reduces the number of commands to send, and can save time.

If this is the case, I'm going to be really annoyed. The "power off" recipe should send what the recipe says, not what Neeo thinks it should do.

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  • Did some further investigation - it is indeed Neeo attempting to be intelligent and only turning off devices that it thinks were turned on. It's that sort of cleverness that works sometimes, but when it doesn't it is truly annoying.

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