Philips hue not responding

Philips hue is offline? It doesnt respond anymofe and i cant add them anymore. Whats up?

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  • I get this frequently, reboot of the Hue Hub usually fixes the problem.

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  • Niels de Klerk ik kan je niet meer PMeen op een of andere manier.. hoe is het?

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    • Wessel Otter It's correct that I can't be PMed anymore. I've disabled it. I reject investing any time in the garbage the NEEO guys have left. Saying they want to continue the current NEEO to work for their former users but when it comes to it they prove the opposite. I've tried to pull the cart to move further. I've requested help from the community that I didn't get and requested information from the NEEO guys, among them Raphael Patrick  and Michael Vogt . none of them had the decency to react. Shouldn't have come to a surprise I guess. 

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    • Niels de Klerk bad stuff.. I really thought you would get some sort of acces letting the NEEO not become paperweight, especially after they set up a topic wanting to 'help'. 

      for now, what do you think of the YIO remote posted here? or the UNI remote? which one is the way to go (after you talked me into Homey ;), really love it by the way)

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    • Wessel Otter Both seem interesting. the YIO is a work in progress, having Markus M there is a huge bonus. also a homey user btw :-)

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    • Niels de Klerk nice :) im not really good with programming myself so it really depends on what other people do on that platform, having someone with a Homey there is great. hopefully it wil work out :) we have 1,5 years left till NEEO dies so it will be good to see where this ends up

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      • Bernard Cooper
      • Software Tester / Tech Enthusiast / Disenchanted KS NEEO backer
      • Bernard_Cooper
      • 6 mths ago
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      I though something was finally happening when I got a Facebook notification from the NEEO page.  When I checked the page I saw they had just updated the web address on the page.... and 5 people have liked it....


      a) Why did they bother?  The brand isn't worth much given they've abandoned both the product and their user base.  Google has a long memory.

      b) What on earth are people smashing that LIKE button for?  

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  • Reboot your brain and try again.

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