Hi all.

Anyone in here that's had some experience with the Savant Pro? Is it a good alternative to the NEEO? 

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  • What about Marton Yio remote?

  • Doesn’t it have to be professionally installed? Can you buy them and do it yourself?

  • Next Startup with a universal remote

    Uni Remote

    It depends on whether you really need buttons or even can only get along with a display to control devices. If you don't need buttons you can also use an iPhone or Android Phone as a universal remote control. I personally use Symcon in combination with Mediola NEO to create a remote interface for controlling all my devices with a tablet and an iPhone. So you can create the remote interface yourself without necessarily relying on a dealer or integrator for everything.

    • Fonzo Could use a display only, but it's nice to have a dedicated device to control the home theater, especially if there's guests. 

      Tyler Pruce  Apparently it does. Very confusing website I have to say. 

      Jos de Raaij  I would prefer a more, mass-produced, product (WAF you know). It is on my radar though, because it seems awesome. 

      The primary function is for it to work with my Homey. It's way better to have the remote send a command and let the Homey do the automation. So it needs a base of sorts for command relay.

    • Fonzo I signed up to be notified about Uni Remote long ago and no word on it. Not sure it is looking good.


      I also don’t know about finding another crowdfunding remote after this.

    • Stephan Heinrichsen That would be the main concern for me to, controlling the Homey with NEEO is awesome. would really have that function in my next remote. Another startup is only viable for me if it is open source. otherwise I'll just go with the Logitech. 

      A hammer keeps working after the company dies but this support nonsense on NEEO really got me thinking twice.

    • Wessel Otter Yeah it's not an ideal situation to be in. I'm really on the fence about going full on Harmony, but the app is just atrocious for everyday use. So as long as the NEEO is working, I'm sticking with it. 

      And I know what you mean, there is zero incentive to throw money at a startup like this, only to have a brick afterwards.

    • Fonzo well the buttons click like a normal remote but display other information depending on the task. I like how the remote turns in the remote you need. selecting the light turns the wheel into a brightness slider, or selecting tv it turns the volume.


      something NEEO missed imo, selecting particular remotes for instant clicking on the device and not an activity. launching the original remote for the TV or settopbox, just going through some settings and then back to the activity. with NEEO you have to add all the buttons you might possibly need in the activity, missing quite a few and flooding the shortcuts making it a infestation of controlpads you dont know which one is which.

      pricing of the UNI remote is also quite reasonable, if that one goes bankrupt or screws me over the amount of money lost isn't that great. However, the logitech is the safe choice but influence is less than a startup. 

    • Stephan Heinrichsen the price of the UNI is less painfull then the NEEO, as I stated underneath in an other comment, with a startup the influence of the crowd is something very powerfull. A brand like Loigitech wont bulge for a group of users.

  • See this link:

    works with home assistant 

    • Jos de Raaij


      I'm conflicted wondering whether he should continue along this path with DIY builds, or get a company (or partner) behind him to bring this to traditional retail channels!

  • As many of you know my posts here, i will bring up an answere here:


    Sadly the NEEO is a pain when it comes to software, that it is currently working is okish (at least it doesn't stop doing bad working) i was confident about the Hardware allways. Sadly the Software never catch up... Rest is History now...


    I currently "joined" the Yio Remote from Marton the main key from my side here is:

    It will be open source, so many can make changes, it is based on reliable Hardware and Software is a key that can be worked on from many users (since open source)


    If some are interested he opened a Community over here:


    The backpoint is: the Sourcing of the Parts needs money, so the price for a Kit is something around 300$ currently, but i see the same potential as i one saw in NEEO. Thats my current Bet. If you would like to get more Information, you are welcome to join the community, the Discord channel or help by Translating the UI to languages (yes this will work from the beginning! ;-) )

    Also the remote rely on a Backend System like Home Assistant (the SmartHome System Marton uses). Integration for other Systems are planned.

    Currently Marton build the UI and the Integrations all by himself, so he knows best and is also happy to answere questions. There are also other Users that join him allready from here.