Recipe “Launched”/“Powered off”

I am new to Neeo. I got my Neeo last Thursday. Thanks Raphael, Pascal and Patrick for the coffee and hosting.

During the setup I got a little bit confused about the recipes. During adding the devices for each device is added a recipe automatically. When I will edit the created receipe for TV I can choose between “When TV is..” -> “Launched” or “Powered off”. In the “Launched” recipe I do see the commands for powering on the device. In the “Powered off” recipe I do see the commands for powering off - Shouldn’t it be the other way round? 

The option to have an “Launched”/“Powered off” section are only available on non stupid devices, aren’t they? 

Regards, Heinz

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  • Heinz Stampfli The idea behind the recipe is what is to do in whitch order. For the system-created recipie are always two. One on start and the second for the end. So it‘s right that way. For manualy added recipe is only one abailable. Think this will change in one of the comming updates. 

  • I hope so too that we have have both recipes for custom added ones. So we can focus on using just scene specific recipes an not the device-like ones we have after adding a device. I think the recipes should be like scenes. Also please add a possibility to change the icons on custom ones. 

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