Trying to understand the "big picture", IR-now versus IP-later?


I only learned of the Neeo system quite recently, and received mine yesterday.

I'm a hw/sw development engineer by trade, and am well aware that the Neeo system is in its early days, and that functionality will be added over time.  I've configured the Neeo to work with a number of devices in my home office, so far so good...and I am trying to understand how most devices are controlled today, and how that might change in the future...

Is it the case that today, all/most devices are controlled via IR output from the Brain?

Almost all of my devices also support IP control, and some of them ONLY support IP control. 

If I need to control a device via IP, today, is writing a custom device via the SDK the only way to accomplish this?

Is it the stated direction that in the future, Neeo will provide IP control for some devices (if my assumption that mostly IR control is used today is correct)?  

If so, is there a somewhat approximate time-frame for this, and a list of which devices are under consideration for IP control?

I completely understand and appreciate that future product plans are both difficult to forecast accurately, and there may well be business/competitive reasons to not be completely public about such plans.

On the other hand, if one knew Neeo was planning to provide IP control for device X, then it be a better use of external-SDK users' time to focus on other devices that they might also need, in order to split up the work, and minimize duplication.

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  • That is also what I would like to understand.

    I must say that I am really disappointed about the IP control still missing after 2 years of development. 

    IR code support does not require any development at all: it is just uploading the IR code table.

    At a certain moment in time Raphael stated that we would no longer need systems such as Control4 and that the NEEO was superior by allowing End Users to configure their system.

    But reality is that you need to be a programmer to develop a driver yourself based on the SDK and that you require additional hardware and software such as a RasberryPI to run it.... far from End User friendly.

    So in a nutshell the NEEO itself is about the most stupid device in the SMART Ecosystem.

      • Raphael
      • Raphael
      • 3 yrs ago
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      Jochen Bonne the assumption that IP control is missing is incorrect. Many of today’s popular devices such as LiFX or Sonos are coming with native NEEO drivers. 

      You are correct that the NEEO SDK can be used to write any custom IP drivers. Soon there will be an official process to submit your custom drivers that can then even make it into the main product. I’m sure you understand that not all custom drivers can make it into the product though. Quality, performance and security standards must be met. And for everything else you can have any custom developed project running anywhere on the network. If you have a specific project reach out to me with a direct message. I might also be able to put you in touch with others who are already developing something similar. Thanks

  • Don Jackson Welcome to Planet NEEO! Out of the AV devices (especially the legacy ones) most are infrared controlled. Often on those specific devices this is even the more reliable / favourable solution compared to IP. Often for a IP connection commands such as power on are missing due to standby power requirements and/or custom settings need to be activated within the device to make IP control even available. It’s not really end-user compatible in many cases. That being said: Most of the devices in my house -as example all the Sonos players and light bulbs -are IP or Z-Wave controlled with NEEO so infrared is just being used for some AV products. 

    The future driver development is based on market popularity of products and -more importantly- based on the votes and discussion here. The community has a strong influence on what’s next. Some new drivers for major products will be announced in January. I agree on minimizing duplication on developer effort. Were you thinking about writing a driver for a specific device? Thanks!

  • Raphael said:
    Some new drivers for major products will be announced in January.

     Does this mean there's no firmware update before the end of the year?

      • Raphael
      • Raphael
      • 3 yrs ago
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      Patrick Borner Thanks for asking. The awesome beta team identified some issues in the current beta release and a new release with fixes is being finalized as we speak. As soon as we have received good feedback on it and all the stress testing etc. Is done we plan to release it to public. It’s going to be the biggest release yet. Realistically it’s going to be sometime in January. Thanks!

      • Patrick Borner
      • Marketing Manager
      • Patrick_Borner
      • 3 yrs ago
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      Raphael Thanks for getting back to me so quick. Looking forward to the new release!(... and crossing my fingers for Bluetooth and improved Hue handling)

    • Raphael so does this mean no release before EOY?