Add new devices : Philips 55PFH5209, Freebox Revolution (V6) or Alice TV L-HD03A, Lumene Majestic Premium & add HDMI 2 source Harman AVR171

Well, everything is in the title ! I just receive my Neeo and right now, I can't do anything since the remote doesn't support my TV (well, I did make it work with another Philips TV profile but there is no source support), I can't find the right source on my AV Harman Kardon AVR 171, my video projection screen is not yet supported, neither my french set-up-box and finally my Nvidia Shield isn't receiving all my commands...

I don't mention Philips Hue and Sonos which are not well implemented.

I know the team is working hard, but I hope we will not stay in beta too long

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  • Hello Angelo, thank you for reporting, I have sent your request to the Device Driver Team, we will get back to you as soon as we have added your devices.

    For Philips Hue and Sonos, are you encountering issues with these devices?

    Thank you for your feedback,

    Best regards,

  • Hi Emily,

    For Philips Hue, right now, I just can switch ON/OFF and dim the light (no possibilities to change the color...)

    For Sonos, I can't play songs I want to, the player always skip some. Besides, there are a lot of glitches with covers, with the volume and no way to manage multiple speakers...

    I have the same problems as other people on the forum, nothing more, nothing less !

    Hope to see an update ASAP !



      • Andy
      • Andy
      • 5 yrs ago
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      The AVR171 should be fixed! Please update your device. Thanks!

    • Angelo Hello, thank you for reporting this. With the Philips Hue lights, Color features will certainly come in a future release, you can follow the Idea voting here. 
      Regarding Sonos, the upcoming release contains a lot of fixes for the topics you mentioned. The "not playing all songs" was somewhat region specific as it only accounts worldwide are exactly the same. I would assume the update will still be published in December but this is not guaranteed. Thank you for being part of NEEO! My very best regards,

  • Hi !

    Ok, I'll be patient for Sonos and Hue.

    I did update my remote, and I actually found a new driver for my AVR171 and it worked ! Great job !

    For my TV, I've also found the profile, the source direct selection doesn't work (it does nothing when I try every source on a recipe) but for me, it's not a big deal since I never change the source (just ON/OFF on this STUPID device). But it's quite annoying to constantly get the notification to switch to the right source when I launch a it possible to disable this ?

    Another thing with my TV : each time I'm leaving the recipe, my TV popup its main menu, then shut down...

    My video projection screen is now well implemented ! Thanks !

    For my French set up box (free box V6), the profile does nothing at all...and I don't want to use an external server to make it work like this :

    --> Logitech found a way with the implementation of the Alice TV L-HD03A profile that works well, maybe you should try !

    I still have issues with the remote (but not the app !!!) to control my Nvidia Shield, some commands are not well's should try BT ( )

    Finally, it would be great to be able to duplicate a recipe such as the one automatically created by a device like the Nvidia Shield (Movies & Media) or the setup box (IPTV), because I have both my TV and projector connected to my AV and I can use only one Movies & Media recipe. When I create a specific one for my projector for example, I'm not able to get a "power off" button that automatically turn off everything...I need to create another recipe to switch everything off.

    I knew you were working hard, keep going !

    Thanks !

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    • Angelo Thank you for your feedback. I have forwarded your request to the team, we will come back to you shortly. Wishing you a lovely evening. Regards,

      • Andy
      • Andy
      • 5 yrs ago
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      Many thanks for your detailed feedback!

      For the Free box - please add the Alice TV L-HD03A. It appears around 7PM CET.

      Regarding the 55PFH5209 - unfortunately, most of the Philips TV models 2015+ don't support discrete power and input commands anymore. Because of this we added a workaround for power, which leads to the behavior with the home screen. More problematic are the inputs. We have created a Live IR Test where you can test the included input commands. If they don't work, I'm afraid there is nothing that can be done about it.

      The Live IR Test works the following way:

      1. Navigate to the Settings Menu in your NEEO app.
      2. Navigate to NEEO Brain.
      3. Click on "Live IR Test".
      4. Enter into the text field the following code: WVc1aXfsa
      5. Test the commands

      Thanks for testing!

  • Hey !

    Now my Freebox is well implemented with the Alice TV profile ! Many thanks !

    Andy : I don't know how the discrete power works, but to compare, my Harmony manage it very well, without popping up a menu (since the result is the same with Neeo, it does turn off my TV, having that popup add a glitch in the experience)

    And the code for the Live IR Test didn't work...But in my case, to be able to directly change the source on my TV isn't a problem (I just turn my TV on/off)

    I also found an answer to my "wanted duplicate recipe" over here : , and it works !

    Since I'm now able to control everything, I did run some tests and here are my first feedback : 

    - I understand why you introduce "stupid" devices, but I'm feeling like the UX/UI isn't right on this...I've read a lot of feedback on the Planet Neeo blog and from my personal point of view, it's quite "offensive". I think there is something to work on, such as the wording and a better explanation of what a non-connected or bidirectional device is. And since those devices could be "stupid" and could bring problems on a recipe, on daily use, something goes wrong like 1% of the time, so why put a focus on this and sometimes even refuse to automatically implement a command in the recipe ? (I had to manually add it, and get ANOTHER warning about that...that's too much guys xD !)

    I manage exactly the same devices with my Harmony, and when I reach the 1%, I just go into the device profile to manually execute the command, a good idea would be to automatically add that command in the shortcut page, not showing "your [device] is a stupid device and needs a little help" each time you launch or leave a recipe !

    - There's also something very important missing : smart recipes ! You have to find a way to better understand how recipes are connected to each other.

    For example : when I'm watching a series on my TV and I want to switch to my projector, switching to the second recipe doesn't turn off devices I don't use anymore, my TV is still ON behind my video projection screen. Another example is when I move from watching something on the cable to my setup box, launching the new recipe doesn't stop the last one, even if the "brain" knows that I'm using the same TV...("stupid" brain ? xD)

    But don't go too far on that like Harmony which can only manage one recipe (activity) at a time, find the right balance ! ;)

    - I know you still improve everything (profile, API, UX/UI...) but you've reached more than $1.2m on kickstarter, so when will the IFTTT channel be live ? (mandatory for the mass market/end users)

    Now I'm going to test Z-wave and play with the API !

    Keep going !

  • Angelo Thanks a lot for your detailed feedback, and sorry for the late reply. I was gone for a few days on paternity leave.

    You are right, there has been a lot of feedback on what we call "stupid" devices, and Planet NEEO is all about listening to our users. We, therefore, have quite a number of changes coming up. I don't want to leak any details since this is being internally tested right now and it still needs to go through beta. If everything goes according to plan, you will probably get this release within the year 2017.

    Based on what you write about discrete power commands and on how "the other well known remote" handles this, I am sure you will be amazed by what we have coming up. This does not only include changes in the language/wording used and in the UI, this basically changes "everything" for this specific topic, including some technical magic.

    What you refer to as "smart recipes" has been requested by other users too:

    1. Especially the use case which you describe, combining a TV and a Projector using the same source devices, has been described already. We are aware that this is not yet handled perfectly and we are looking into specific solutions for this very use case. Seems like this is more common than we expected.

    2. What should already work though is using different source devices (i.w. set-top box, media players, etc.) on a single TV, in that case, you should always only have one recipe active per target device (i.e. TVs, Projectors), even when switching directly from one recipe to another one. I am now wondering why this is not behaving as intended. Did you create any recipes manually? Have you added the TV multiple times or only once? Would you mind sharing screenshots of the recipes involved?

    I honestly can not tell you exactly when the first release of IFTTT for NEEO will be published yet, but I can promise it will come, we have reached that goal and we will make this happen. Being a small company, we always have to balance our resources carefully, for that reason we have not yet finalized this feature.

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  • Hi   Patrick ,

    First of all, CONGRATULATIONS ! And thank you for your detailed answer.

    I did create multiple times my Nvidia Shield and my Freebox to handle both my TV/projector. I think that's the reason why I have issues with the switch between them (IPTV/Set-up box on my TV)

    So, to be able to know when to start again my review, do you have a roadmap for those releases ?

    --> Improvement for "Stupid" devices

    --> Better management of discreet power

    --> Better integration of smart recipes

    --> Bug issues with Sonos

    --> More features for Hue

    --> Correct issues with Nvidia Shield commands that randomly work (only with the remote --> work perfectly with the app)

    Thank you !


  • Hi, 

    Just to let you know that I've released my review :

    Unfortunately, I had to send back the remote before the last firmware release and so, talk about my actual experience.



      • Dillon Moulder
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      Angelo Many thanks for sharing your review with the community. It's honest and well-written, and your broken experience with the product mirrors that of many other users here on Planet NEEO.

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