Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-GE42VAD Air Conditioner

Can you please add support for the above air conditioner?

The Remote has "Type: KM09A" written on it.

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  • Hello Mark, I have sent your request to the Device Driver Team, we will get back to you as soon as we have added your device. Regards,

  • Mark

    We have trouble obtaining the correct commands for your device. Please test the commands included in the following Live IR Test.

    The Live IR Test works the following way:

    1. Navigate to the Settings Menu in your NEEO app.
    2. Navigate to NEEO Brain.
    3. Click on "Live IR Test".
    4. Enter into the text field the following code: VuKasAzfak
    5. Test the commands

    Thanks for testing!

  • None of the commands worked for me. The air con has a remote that seems to maintain the state and send a specific temperature/setting to the air con via IR (see attached). Does that help?

      • Andy
      • Andy
      • 2 yrs ago
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      I was afraid so. Right now, NEEO cannot support such climate devices. But we know that this is an issue and we are working on it. Thanks!

  • Hello Mark ,

    I got the same air conditioner. I use a ZWave-to-IR device like the Remotec ZXT-120 (which is supported by Neeo) and send climate orders through this device. 

    I hope NEEO will support these devices one day, though I requested it in december 2015...

  • Thanks Cédric Legendre I might have to look into that. Moving house soon but basically all air conditioners I’ve seen operate the same.

      • Andy
      • Andy
      • 1 yr ago
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      Mark Cédric Legendre

      Hi everybody!

      I just wanted to give you a status update for your Mitsubishi A/C device request.

      In the meantime we where able to organize the codes for most Mitsubishi A/C devices and where able to divide them into two categories: Mode based and non-mode based.

      The non-mode based devices present no issue and where just added. Unfortunately, the mode based devices cannot be supported by NEEO. Mode based devices are the following series:

      MSZ-Series (most of them)

      Let me explain why these devices cannot be supported and what mode based means:

      We distinguish between non-mode based devices and mode based devices.
      When sending a command to a non-mode based device, for example, TEMP UP command, the temperature will rise, no other setting is affected. That’s different from mode based devices. They have combined IR commands. The TEMP UP command would also contain the fan settings, mode settings (e.g. dry), etc. If NEEO would send some TEMP commands, all settings would be changed.

      As another example, if the temperature on the A/C device is set to a specific temperature and you are sending e.g. a FAN command, it would also raise or lower the temperature to the degree, that is included within the combined FAN IR command. The same command also could include the setting Mode Dry and Oscillation On, while with the original setting, before sending the FAN command, Mode Dry and Oscillation may have been Off. As a result a combined command can mess up all your settings and make the device unusable, if such commands are not handled correctly. This means that we would have to offer all possible combinations of codes - which would be a couple of hundreds to a couple of thousand commands and combinations. There is currently no possibility for us to combine them. Also, we think presenting the customer with thousands of codes is a user nightmare.

      As this cannot be solved, we’ll close this post for now. If we will ever able to find a solution for this and control mode based A/C devices, we’ll come back to you and let everybody now. At the moment there is no foreseeable time frame for this and I cannot make any promises.

      I’m very sorry for the bad news and many thanks for your understanding! If you have any further questions, let me know. Thanks!

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