Display OLED 3,2 haptic 350 ppi @ 90hz :
  - Haptic feedback
  - Better contrast for a real night mode
  - Reduced energy consumption
  - Reactivity, fluidity and sharpness improved
  - Improved borderless edge, larger images and unbreakable (flex)

Additional physical buttons :
- Side button : Short press to turn off the screen. Long press to lock the device (child lock)
  - 2 news customizable buttons on the front 

Sensor functionality :
- Gyroscope / Pointer (WebOS)

Autonomy :
  - Battery + 100% (3,5 jours)
  - Fast charging 10 min -> 50%

Système logiciel:
 - NEEO OS 2.0
 - Notification bar : Brightness, date and time.
 - Customizable wallpaper and placement icons. (inspired from Android)

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  • A microphone to use with Android TV's and Google assistant, Apple TVs Siri.......

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  • If I see all announced features completely implemented into NEEO 1 I'd be definitely backing this. But only then  ;)

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  • So, basically an iPhoneX?  :). It would be a really cool remote...over $1000 but really cool!

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      • Fonzo
      • Fonzo
      • 1 mth ago
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      Adam Hafner An iPhone has no Hardware Buttons. So why do you compare an iphone with NEEO? If you would like to use an Iphone for remote control there are many apps out there and you can remote control anything you like, you can even customize the remote screen of some ios apps. 

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    • Fonzo Sorry, I was joking a bit.  Just with all the hardware features that were being dreamed of in the v2 remote, it sounded a lot like the spec list for an iPhone X.  :). Just figure to get all that implemented the cost of the remote would probably triple.  

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  • I don't agree with a borderless screen, but I can get on board for most of the rest of your suggestions.  I would say the amount of physical buttons should be somewhere between this version and the number on the harmony elite.  Backlighting for the physical buttons are near the top of the list too in my opinion.

    +1 for the idea to add a microphone for smart TV voice search.

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  • I would like to have all advertised features of Neeo 1 first before someone invests development capacity into a Neeo 2...

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