Support special character on NEEO Remote (UTF8)

Add support for special characters on the NEEO Remote so that these are shown correctly (show correctly in the NEEO App already.

Please do post which characters are not working properly so that we can test these once we are working in this feature.

I am missing the German and french ones like: äöüéèà...

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  • It would be necessary to support special characters of languages in markets you are selling products, i.e. Lithuanian language special characters - ą, č, ę, ė, į, š, ų, ū, ž. Thanks

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  • Patrick

    You will need UTF-8 for Asian characters including Japanese.

    This all applies to the Remote as the App supports UTF-8 and displays Japanese correctly.

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  • Patrick

    Do you consider UTF-8 support and don’t support the same thing? You can write your code in such a way that all your text handling functions properly support UTF-8, but if you do not have the proper fonts, you still will not be able to display the desired characters.

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  • Missing the ° character on the remote (automatically converted to "deg" which looks quite bad).

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