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Firstly I appreciate my first post is a question which isn't very polite however I don't have a Neeo system, I need to find out if it will do what I need first before buying it.


Basically I have a processor already that can control all the devices I want to control, but it is lacking a decent hard button remote. What I need is the ability to send http get requests to this device so my existing processor can then fire the commands I want. Does the remote work a a stand alone product? In essence I want to use my existing processor but with the Neeo remote. All I would need it to do it send pretty much the same syntax to a single IP address just changing the ID of the command. Would this work or would the brain be needed for that? I have no use for the brain as my other processor will control everything via RS232, IP and IR and is already configured to do as i need it too. 


Thanks in advance, 



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  • Alex,

    A brain is required to use the remote - the brain is what does all the work.  If you did get the remote/brain, you definitely would be able to integrate into your existing system fairly easily by using the SDK to send the commands.  BTW - which HA are you using?  We already have fairly comprehensive integeration with homey and openHAB..



  • The system is WyreStorm's Enado, it works well doing what I need it to do but looking at options for a hard button remote. Was hoping to bypass the need for a brain in this scenario.

    • Alex Martin 

      Sorry it's a required component. 

    • Hi Alex Martin. Did you get a NEEO in the end, and try it with Enado? I'm in the process of deciding what best to do with regards which HDMI matrix and possibly using the Enado for control vs. putting the NEEO brain in the cabinet (or multiple brains if other posts on matrices are anything to go by).

    • Damian Armitage I haven't had time I'm afraid, I have actually only opened the Neeo, sat it on my living room TV and its just a device that lights up when you put something down with a bump! I will hopefully get round to it next week if I'm not on the road!

    • Alex Martin haha.  That's pretty much what mine has done since I got it last year.  I did make a start with it, but then a software update provided wiped everything and couldn't be bothered going through it all again.  I have though just moved into my new house, and thought I'd give it another go, hoping things had settled and stability improved.  I'm trying to choose wisely on the products I'm getting, which when you're spending ~£35k on AV installation and equipment, you'd hope that NEEO works with it.  I'm sure it will come good, but I think going down the control processor route and using the NEEO as a HTTP sender/reciever for the AV is probably the best route.  The rest of the z-wave/zigbee/wifi stuff, I'm hoping works a little better than it did when I tried it at the beginning of the year.

      I've not had a control processor before, but I guess from your thread above you'd recommend that with a matrix and cab setup?  I stumbled across the idea a while ago when looking at RS232 control, and cross-platform UI.  And my AV installer has just said a Wyrestorm rep is up in a couple of weeks to demo some kit including Enado, so any insight would be very much appreciated.

    • Damian Armitage I will let you know how I get on with the tests, I have to be careful what I recommend on here but if using a complex AV setup then yes you will need some form of control processor. This makes it easier to do everything seamlessly. Best thing if you are unsure is discuss what you want the end result to be with a reputable AV installer. AV control if done correctly can be very easy to use be this Neeo or any other control system BUT it is also very easy to do it badly and make it horrible for the end user. 

  • that's fine I guessed it would be

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