Tcl with android tv consider smart or dump ?

I am looking to buy tcl tv with android tv built-in.

But i want to know what neeo will consider the tv smart or dump !?

Can neeo  switch hdmi ? 

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    i think NEEO is able to handle that.
    if this will be a "not so smart" device i can't tell you.

    in my opinion it will be smart, because it runs Android TV

    have a good day.

    • nuro Thanks a lot for your replies !


    Many thanks for your question!

    I'm afraid they are not smart. They don't support discrete power commands. Also, they offer no input switch commands, not even INPUT TUNER to switch to watching TV. Everything is missing that is needed for automation. With our assumption mode and the device fix menu you'll still be able to control the device and integrate it into recipes. But I would really not recommend this TV together with NEEO. 
    They also have TCL Roku TVs. These work fine and support all necessary discrete commands. I would recommend these models if it has to be a TCL branded TV.

    Hope this helps!

    • Andy 

      The only option i have is TCL android tv 
      I will send you the model to add it to Neeo Via PM !
      I hope there is  away to make all android tv smart with Neeo 

      And can i get the list of brands or TV os that Neeo can Switch the HDMI port !

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