Sonos volume and grouping

I was not able to Group my Sonos boxes with Neeo. So i tried to use my old Harmony which is able to Group boxes. So I Made a Recipe in which my Harmony hub groups my Sonos boxes. This is possible as I use Homey as Main controller, and use the Neeo app on it. That way I can link a command from neo to a flow in Homey. Homey is able to command my Harmony hub which is able to control Sonos Grouping. But when i raise or lower de volume it wil only lower the Sonos box which is the first in the grouping list. Someone an idea how i can fix this. 

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  • Marcel Both are known and worked on Issues. Thewy will hopefully be fixed within NEEO and the next few Software Updates.

    In the Meantime, you need to crap the Volume presses via homey and tell Logitech / sonos to change the group volume. Currently there is no way for neeo to change the whole group volume.

  • Is that a trigger in homey? The only thing I remember is a setting in percentage, not to change volume by steps

    • Marcel therefor i will pull in Niels de Klerk as he has written the homey binding. Maybe he can tell exactly what is to do / if this is not supported by homey

  • Thx Markus. I have doubts if this is possible. I have struggled with homey to change volume by steps. I do not know if that is possible. Hope this will beintroduced in Neeo. 

  • Niels when i try this flow, everytime i start this action volume starts at 50%, the slider reactes the way it should, but next time i start this action again it begins unfortunately again at 50%. How can i change that? 


    Luckely this way i got rid of all the rats in my house ;-)

  • Yes the slider starts in Neeo at 50%, when you touch the slider, it responds the way it should, but it starts at 50%

    • Marcel  could you share a printscreen.

      Could you share the configuration found in the neeo app, settings -> configuration.

      could you try to add a card in the then part of a flow to inform a slider state.

    • Marcel PS best is to revove your sono's from the flow until its fixed and add something like simple log to test and build the flow until its working as expected and then add the sonos cards.

      The rats deserve some silence. ;-)

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