Roon Sdk

Markus M , or anyone Hi,

Please help me with the installation of the Roon Sdk for Neeo ( ) i would like to install it on windows 10 but i get always an error. I have already reported an error on Github but unfortunately the developer does not answer, maybe it is not made for Windows 10 but where can I install it, maybe you or anyone can help. That would be great.

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  • Tolga Aydogan is the device always running? you need a device which is always running to use the SDK. To install the SDK on a Windows device normally JDK (Java Development Kit) is needed.
    best is to install the SDK on a NAS or on an Raspberry Pi or something like that.

  • Hi nuro ,

    Thanks for your help,  the device is always running on Intel mini Pc Stick . I have a qnap server is this the same installation like synology. I would like to install it my mini pc stick but i dont know is the sdk for windows. Any Help.

    • Tolga Aydogan it should run on win10 also. but you need to make sure to install all required stuff prior to start the sdk driver (node.js, neeo CLI, )

      sorry i don't have checked what exactly needs to be installed to run a sdk driver recently, best is if you make sure that one of the neeo test drivers run, if they do, the roon sdk driver should run as well!

  • Hi Markus M ,

    Thanks for your help. I installed the kodi driver from niels and there is no problem and run without problems but when i do this with the roon sdk this happens, see screenshot. Maybe is the sdk not for windows, i dont know. Can maybe everybody tested. Thanks