Can we use our existing NEEO remotes with Control4?

I bought NEEO years ago. Can I go buy a Control4 system and use my existing NEEO remote?

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  • Hello?  NEEO?  this should be an easy question.

  • Ian Silverthorne don't get any hopes. As far as I think the c4 neeo is based on the newer hardware revision they used for the NEEO pro.

      • Markus M
      • Markus_M
      • 2 yrs ago
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      Markus M Do you have any confirmed information about the actual hardware changes to the NEEO pro / c4??

      As far as i know they never published any details on that.

      And who ever "???????" is: maybe you can enlighten us!


      I still hope there will be a chance to use my original NEEO with control4 at some point - at least to have a solution when the end of life is reached.

    • Markus M They allready changed the Hardware for the NEEO Pro (that also seems to vanish) and they also don't rely on the NEEO Brain anymore and go with C4 os3 instead.


      There is no prove from my side, as i don't know, but that is what i have heard.

      Also according all videos and documents the remote simply grabs the Backend info and displays it actually. I can't say anything for sure, but my opinion is my best guess

      • Markus M
      • Markus_M
      • 2 yrs ago
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      Markus M

      I think NEEO never specifed whether the hardware changes for the pro version were regarding the remote or just the brain.

      The only obvious difference was the colour: black. 😂

      Someone will have to teardown a control4 version of the NEEO remote...

  • I emailed them, this was their exact reply, with the "???????" at the end.:


    "Hello Ian,

    Thank you fro contacting NEEO Support.  The original NEEO remote cannot work within the Control4 environment.  Internal hardware has changed, as well as the firmware capabilities.

    I am sorry for the inconvenience, please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.


  • I have a Control4 system and this was my exact question.  They seem so similar I can’t imagine the hardware has changed so much that they can’t just do a software update.  What a bummer!!!

  • Tad Forrest Why? changing out the CPU and Wifi / BLE chip is not visible from outside the housing. also new memory and all other stuff can be done with slight changes without user will notice. it is the same for all other tech, samsung and iphone as well. you can't tell from outside what memory is in there.

    the actual C4 neeo is a complete new Hardware with the same housing, as i told before.

  • ...and a dedicated page on

      • Markus M
      • Markus_M
      • 2 yrs ago
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      NEEO looks very good in the video though...

    • Markus M yeah, almost like what was promised and sold to us, isn't it? Anyway, looking at it, I'm actually not so much annoyed they finally got it to that stage but just how they pulled the kill switch on our units, these bxxxxxxtards.