we are a company located in ibiza that until now we installed as a complement when we made installations of domotica zwave or zigbee put Logitech harmony control, but this the truth that is much more aesthetic and wanted to know what kind of compatibility has with for example: sonos , daikin, fibaro, samsung (TV) .... and how much external can you get to connect (to centralize the hub)
Greetings and thank you

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  • Jeff Ingrid

    The Consumer Version is not limited to any max connectifity.

    Sonos works nearly overall, there are still some smart parts that need to be implemented (group & ungroup) but it is (in my eyes) the perfekt device to use SOnos with.

    All IR-Contoled devices are possible, if they are not yet in the database, the Neeo Team is available to check if they are able to obtain the codes and implement it.

    When it comes to TV this is currently possible by IR or HDMI-CeC out of the Box.


    Bluetooth and more TCP/IP Drivers will follow with additional Software Updates. Also there is a possibility to write own drivers with the help of the NEEO SDK (you only need additional Hardware currently to run the code).


    Be aware that there will also be a PRO Version of the NEEO remote for Installers (there are some features announced that are not yet avail / possible with the consumer Version)

    all detailed specifications can be found under

    If you like to have detailed Informations to one topic or general, you can also always contact

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