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There seems to be a number of negative threads on here lately, so I thought I would add another perspective. 

As some background, I’ve migrated from iRule which is a very flexible environment for creating touch based remote or home automation systems that run on iOS and Android devices. I would have easily spent a three or four hundred hours configuring it to control my home entertainment system, lights, gate, garage door, heat pumps (HVAC), as well as some integration with my weather station and surveillance system. Support for iRule is ceasing soon so I was forced to evaluate my options. 

I’d describe myself as a home automation hobbyist and with an ability to get most things going myself. I have a software development background. 

I evaluated a number of options, solutions similar to iRule, Harmony, etc. A lot has changed since I started doing iRule about 5 years ago. Home automation has come a long way including well rounded solutions from Apple and Google (HomeKit and Home) that fill some of the space that was previously not occupied well. 

What I found is that Apple HomeKit has taken care of all of my home automation tasks including my surveillance, heat pump HVAC control, lighting, gate and garage door opening and closing, irrigation, front door lock, home security alarm, etc.  It does this extremely well and provides an extremely good framework for doing automation. HomeKit also provides slick and secure remote access to all of my home setup from my phone, HomePod, tablet, Mac, and Apple Watch - at home or away.

I now use NEEO to just control my home entertainment system and it does this well. I had it working to my satisfaction within a few hours. I’ve also had much more positive feedback from my family and guests on how much easier everything is to use than the old iRule interface which was purely touch and tablet based. 

NEEO provides some hardware buttons which are an advantage for day-to-day use. It’s just simpler to use and I honestly think this is what normal people are looking for. As a bonus it exposes HomeKit scenes that mean starting satellite TV or similar tasks can be started usin Siri commands. 

I think NEEO are on the right track with this product, focus on home entertainment, leave the home automation to the other dominant platforms. My setup has been smooth and super reliable. I do agree with others that the ability to rename objects and some better customisation would be appreciated, as would some visibility of the product roadmap, but for now I’m very happy with NEEO.  I recently added a second NEEO for another entertainment room setup for the children.

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  • Jonathan Clarke

    I think whether one is satisfied or not depends on the one hand on what kind of devices you want to control and whether these devices can be controlled with NEEO alone at the moment. Furthermore, it depends on which systems you have used so far or still using additionally how high the expectations are to a device of this price range.

    It is particularly annoying if you have devices that can be properly controlled via Bluetooth, but controlling these devices with NEEO alone still does not work and the control via CEC and NEEO also not.

    You are not able to do anything for yourself to solve the problem and so you're waiting helplessly until the promised firmware is released, so you can control the existing devices alone with NEEO. With each day you have to wait for a firmware update that makes you less satisfied and confident that problems will be solved in the foreseeable future.

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  • Jonathan Clarke Thanks a lot for your great feedback! 🙂 I'm also happy to forward this to the entire team. 

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  • @Jonathan Clarke, +1, I love your post too. I have honestly mentioned most the above in your post before and that the Remote should left purely for entertainment. I call my setup INFINITY🙄 NEEO was the missing link before I thought I had done it all. It consists of a bunch of servers (HomeSeer, Jeedom, Zwave>Me and Node-RED + MQTT) And then along NEEO came up! (with it's ability to Forward Actions) All systems cross communicate through MQTT and / or (Ethernet but WiFi also plays a big part).

    So if you don't have a plugin (driver) in one server for your device then it's in one of the others.

    Now am working on a new build to incorporate all systems on DIN RAIL (Industrial), who knows may be one day NEEO will make a din rail BRAIN or Mini BRAIN (communicator) of course with MQTT included🤣



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    • Daniel Sütel I think this comment says a lot more about you than me. Thanks for your contribution.

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      • Fonzo
      • Fonzo
      • 5 mths ago
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      Jonathan Clarke  Daniel Sütel I personally think what Daniel wanted to express that NEEO is a high-priced product and not an open source solution where you accept to make a lot yourself as a hobby until it works or just wait until the product works completely.

      The usual user of NEEO is also not a software developer, but as a user, you expect a finished product which you can then also use without having to program something yourself or use additional self-written software. If you want to tinker yourself you can take open source solutions.

      The difference between solutions like irule, simplycontrol, mediola neo etc. is just that the NEEO has a few hardware buttons. But these buttons are not even configurable at the moment. In this case, the additional benefit of NEEO is very low compared to irule, mediola, etc.

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    • Fonzo  Sure, I agree. If he'd bother to read my post he can see that is exactly what I have done: set NEEO up as a non-technical user and offloaded many other duties to HomeKit.

      I honestly think this is the new way going forward for most people. I've done the all-in-one mega remote that can control the entire house and more, but it's very hard to meet peoples expectations with that approach now. Products like HomeKit and Google Home do such a better job than anything a home integrator or Harmony or NEEO could produce. They have secure frameworks for delivering this stuff, many off-the-shelf components that just work with it, and a lot of client device compatibility including remote access from phones, tablets, watches and computers.


      For me, NEEO does a great job of the entertainment system. HomeKit for everything else. Everything has never worked better and felt more integrated and so natural to use as it does now. My iRule setup was impressive but it bamboozled non-technical users quite a bit.

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    • Jonathan Clarke First of all let me express my appologies, I went to far with what I said towards you. So I hope my statement didnt upset you  too much. I´m normally for an open and friendly discussion so looking back I failed myself by beeing rude. 

      The frustration which may have lead to my outburst is that NEEO seems to not bother accept for commenting on positive feedback like yours. 

      Many many users demanded an answer but accept for  Jeff and Ingrid it seems the comm-dep from NEEO is silent.

      Jeff , a while ago , made a statement that new firmware should be released in January. Of course he left a backdoor open by saying only if everything will run according to plan. 

      If i´m not mistaken this week is the week the firmware release should be presented by NEEO. 

      I cross my finger that it will happen, at least in January and , and this is key, it will adress 100% of the bugs and features the customers are demanding.

      If that will not happen I dont have enough fantasy to convince myself NEEO is not dead.

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