Which devices use IP control

I am currently using Neeo to control Denon AVRX6200W receiver, Oppo 103 Disc Player, Directv HR44 Satellite box and Roku Premiere+ streamer.  Is there any way to know which of these devices is being controlled by ip versus ir?

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  • Frank Marchhart At the moment NEEO itself supports natively only IR control for Denon, Oppo, and the Satellite Box. If you want to control these devices via IP Control you can do that at the moment if you use an additional computer with you own or an existing SDK Driver, or as an alternative you could send commands to an existing home automation system which is able to control these devices via IP control.

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    • Fonzo At the risk of repeating something that appears to be said quite often, adding ip control to the Neeo without depending upon other devices would truly make it a 21st century device.  Depending upon line of site ir or kludgy ir emitters glued to devices is a losing proposition.  I'll play with my Neeo for a bit longer but if I can't get it to communicate more reliably without placing the brain and/or extender in silly places, it's back to my Harmony.  What a shame as the Neeo remote is a beautiful piece.

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      • Fonzo
      • Fonzo
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      Frank Marchhart Yes the NEEO looks very nice but unfortunately don't use currently the potential of the remote, because the software is still under development and not to be foreseen when the firmware updates will be released with the features for which the remote was advertised.

      If one operates home automation one way or the other, the difference to a harmony is currently small. It is undoubtedly easier to react to keystrokes of NEEO in comparison to the Harmony. An essential benefit of NEEO is that you can send information back to the display, that does not work in any way with harmony. For the moment, the harmony still has the advantage that the harmony can control Bluetooth devices and also some devices via IP control.

      As long as the surface of the NEEO is not properly customizable and device support was built directly into the NEEO brain without the need to use external SDK drivers, the remote unfortunately does not currently play their real potential at all and is currently a simple IR remote with a display.

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  • I couldn't agree more to the posts above, and it is really dissapointing. Afte spending months of getting it to work, it kind of works, semi reliably and with a terrible gui. I often need to use the original remotes, and controlling the hue lights is useless without grouping of lights. We are waaay past a MEGA SOFTWARE UPDATE that turns this into the revolutionary remote they say it is. Sadly with the lack of communication in here, I'm rapidly starting to loose faith in Neeo and future updates and features:-(

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