Duplicate entries in NEEO app "adding device" search

So, I used the SDK to write my ACCESSORY driver. It works. During the development process I made many add/delete device cycles from the Android app  and I noticed something quite strange: after a few days of work,  the device search interface on the Android app started to return 2 duplicate results for my driver, then a few hours later 3, now I'm at 4 results for the same driver.  They all seem to work, except than only the last one from the list seems to properly handle the update callbacks from  registerSubscriptionFunction.  This is not a matter of zombie process, if I kill the driver process, the search returns nothing. I tried everything I could think of:

  • restart the computer (running Windows 7 by the way)
  • restart the brain
  • restart the remote (just in case)
  • restart the android device running the NEEO app
  • uninstall / reinstall the NEEO app

Nothing worked, so I eventually made some regression tests down to the original Niels de Klerk's simple accessory example   (github.com/nklerk/neeo_driver-simple) and it generated duplicates as well:


So I guess this is not related to something in my own code. Has anyone already encountered this and know how to fix it ?

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  • Marc Martin Due to the Fact, that this is SDK relevant, the better way is to post it as an issue over at github. But i will pull in the Developers so they get their Attention on this.

    Michael Kohler   Patrick Fiaux Michael Vogt Bruno

    Can you provide your Code so this one can be checked as well?

    • Markus Mahr  sure here it is, along with some background info: This is a driver for Yoctopuce's sensors and relays (I work at Yoctopuce). Right now, this is just a little proof of concept I made on my free time, but if this is proven to be reliable and practical enough, we'll officially publish it.

  • This can sometimes happen during development especially when the SDK server restarts a lot.
    You should be able to clear them up by going to the settings in the app and then following this path:
    NEEO Brain > SDK integration > Clean up unused adapters

    • Patrick Fiaux that fixed the problem. thanks.

    • Patrick Fiaux FIY this actually happens when one starts to play with  the name field in the startServer's configuration structure parameter:

      const neeoSettings = {
      brain: "",
      port: 1104,
      name: "myFirstDriver", // change this and you'll end up with duplicate entries.
      devices: [actualDriverObject]
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