Granular Recipes

It would be helpful to create granular recipes, or sub-recipes that can go beyond powering on devices to changing between functions of a device.


Case: My PS4 recipe does a great job powering everything on, but to go further it would be nice if I could select a "Netflix" recipe or "DVD" recipe and all the necessary devices AND navigation needed to run that app would be executed. I know this could be complicated as there is no "netflix" signal to send devices like the PS4. Maybe it would be a macro where I program in the navigation commands from a default starting point.  My goal with the NEEO is to simplify streaming/video/app use to a point where any of my guests can use it even if they don't know how PS4 or other complex devices work.  Imagine a babysitter coming over and needing to operate an A/V system, I'd like to hand them the NEEO and let everything else be self-explanatory.

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  • Hi,  Jeremy Dawson. Thank you very much for posting this and being active. There is already this voting about sub-recipes over here. I'll move this thread to the Archive. Please vote and continue there. Thanks. 

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