Assign power button on remote to turn off everything

Maybe I'm missing something but is there a master "power off all devices" button It seems the physical power button on the remote is linked to the recipe you are using at the moment. Same as the on screen power button. 

Is there a way to power off all devices without having to create a recipe for it?

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  • Not right now, but creating a recipe shouldn't be too hard 😉

  • I would LOVE to be able to assign a recipe to the main Power button. I already have a recipe that switches off all my components and sets the hue lights in the lounge to switch off in 30 seconds - giving me time to get upstairs...  so instead of having another "circle icon" recipe I would prefer just to hit the power button.       

    • Brian Chambers If you are running automatically created recipes, the power button should power off all active components at all times.  You can edit the power off portion of each recipe to include commands to power off the hue lights after a delay to eliminate the need for a separate recipe.  This won't work with custom recipes and I am not sure how not so smart devices would affect this.

    • Dave H correct me if I'm wrong but doesn't the power button simply shut down the current recipe/device one at a time?  So if I had multiple things running I would need to keep pressing the power button until they were all off?

    • Brian Chambers If you are using automatically created recipes, there is only one "current", or active recipe running at all times, so one press of the power button turns everything off.  I do not use custom recipes.  You are using custom recipes if you have multiple recipe banners showing and recipes with circle icons.  In most use cases, it is possible to let Neeo automatically create recipes, and then edit them for additional functionality specific to your setup.  Ditch the custom recipes and you will be much happier.

    • Dave H I am pretty sure I can have multiple recipes in the banner which were auto-created (like watch TV and listen to Sonos) at the same time.

      I am so close to having it all setup exactly as I want it.. I will continue playing around with it and see what I can do.

    • Brian Chambers Got it.  Was thinking Sonos would behave like hue when switching between recipes.

  • It would be a nice feature. My NEEO is in my theater. I basically have two recipes, one for watching via AppleTV, and one for watching via the Oppo blu-ray player. Sometimes I use my Dyson fan, sometimes I do not, so I have a separate recipe to turn on and operate the Dyson fan.

    I don't want to add a Power On Dyson command to my other recipes, because I don't always use it.

    If I were to add "Power Off Dyson" to my other recipes' shut down, if I was not using the fan, it would turn it on, which would then be a PITA to turn it off.

    If the hard button for POWER were simply set to turn off ALL devices in ALL active recipes, that would be ideal, and I could truly turn everything off in one click. Having the hard button simply mirror a function that is already available on the touchscreen seems like a wasted opportunity.

    • Travis Ballstadt I am curious since since none of my components have power toggle.  The assumption mode does not work as advertised for the fan?  Since you only use the fan sometimes, another option might be to add those controls as shortcuts in your other recipes instead of having a separate recipe, although that still means manually lowering off.

    • Dave H It's never been reliable. Sometimes it would shut it off, sometimes it wouldn't. As for adding the controls to other recipes, I could. I did that with my lighting controls. I wish we could create a custom page, so I could have basic lighting and fan in one page. 

      As for now, I really only use on/off. It's not that difficult to keep it separate. It's not putting me out or anything. I just can't understand why the hard power button wouldn't be used to shut down all recipes instead of just one.