Unclear about what comes in the NEEO Remote/Brain box

Hi guys! Kickstarter funder here of the NEEO.

Got my black cat brain/NEEO. I was disappointed there was no paperwork except for the sheet that says to download the app.

I have:

1.) 2 AC adapters

2.) 2 AC-USB cables

3.) NEEO Brain

4.) NEEO Remote

4.) NEEO Remote Charger

5.) Ethernet Cable

6.) Mystery Audio 3.5mm cable

7.) 2 giant plastic pill things


Can anyone tell me what 6 and 7 are/do?



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  • The 3.5 mm cable should have a round end on the opposite side. This is an IR repeater and plugs into the brain. It repeats the signal that the brain is sending so you can put it in a cabinet or wherever you choose to reach more components. Those 2 pill looking things are ferrite cores. They can go around the cables near the base to reduce signal interference if you have that problem. I agree. They could have put some literature in the box to explain better.

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  • 7) They are ferite core surge suppressors. You should attach one to each AC USB cable a few inches from the USB connector.

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    • Patrick Keegan Jason Savory Thanks guys for responding so quickly!


      6.) That's pretty awesome! I can essentially split the Brain then! That's cool. I legit thought it was meant to be plugged into a radio jack to control a stereo 😆

      7.) Do you place the Ferrite closer towards the wall outlet side or the brain/remote-charger side?


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    • ClearHeatVision The Ferrits should be placed nearer to the Wall Outlet Plugs, then to the NEEO.

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    • Patrick Keegan They aren't really for surge suppression (wouldn't do much if you had a surge) but are for removing high-frequency signals from the power cables to reduce interference.

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  • yeah, a little explanation would go a long way... if not in the box, then at least the first page on the setup in the app.

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  • Here is a tutorial on Planet NEEO regarding Ferrite Clamps



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    • ClearHeatVision 

      I finally installed these -- they come closed and I had no idea how to easily open it.

      I took a very small flathead screwdriver to pry it open. But if you use too much force, it would break the ferrite clamp, so be careful.

      I followed a video here that shows the ferrite operation much closer. and also give some background on what its purpose is:


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  • A fingernail was enough. I came here to hear what the small shiny repeater was.

    Now to see how to get the horizon box to be clever:)

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