Channel Favorites Error

My TV = Samsung PN51F5300A

Patrick I'm having trouble setting up my Channel Favorites.  Description below, as well as a PDF attachment with screenshots.

  1. Go to Channel Favorites screen, start search by pressing CBS.
  2. CBS pops up, with the correct logo, I select it and go to the next screen.
  3. Still see the correct logo, I add the proper channel (2), select Done, and it appears properly on my remote with the logo.
  4. Go back to Channel Favorites screen, start search by pressing NBC.
  5. Various NBC's pop-up, some with logos, some without.  I select the NBC missing the logo (just the musical notes), as I just want regular NBC, not Sports, News, etc., and go to the next screen.
  6. Now the correct logo appears, I add the proper channel (4), select Done, but now it does not appear correctly.  It's just the musical notes I saw from the search screen and it doesn't have any text.
  7. I did this for two other channels, one with the logo showing up in the search screen and one with the logo not showing up in the search screen, but showing up on the assign channel number screen, and the results are the same.  (see screenshots)

Hoping this can be fixed, let me know if you have any questions, thanks!

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  • No, I'm not that Patrick

    From what I can tell after you typed NBC multiple NBC icons should have been available through scrolling. NBC Sports, NBC News etc. You should have been able to scroll through the various NBC icons to just NBC. That's what I had to do. Select it and continue. Selecting just the Musical note is exactly what you got. If you can't find exactly what you want pick something close to it. NBC whatever. What you are picking initially is just the icon (graphic),  it isn't really tied to a station. You tie it to a station when you assign a channel number. Since you selected the Musical note in multiple instances you have multiple musical notes on your favorite screen.

    • Hi Patrick Keegan - thanks for chiming in, unfortunately, I only have 4 options when I type NBC, so I'm not able to scroll down much at all.  I realize I can pick the NBC Sports logo, however, I don't want that logo on my remote, I want just the normal NBC logo, which does exist, as I can see it once I pick the NBC with the musical notes.  However, once it's added it puts the musical notes on the screen, not the logo.  I feel this is probably a program error.

      Tagging Raphael in case he might have suggestions.  Please take a look at the attached screenshots from my first post, thanks.

    • Justin Klingelsmith Out of curiosity are you using the IOs app or Android? I'm using Android.

    • Hi Patrick Keegan - great question, I'm using the iOS app, not the Android.

  • Justin Klingelsmith Thanks a lot for putting that together in such a nice PDF, that helps a whole lot to get that reproduced 👍 I am currently in a Hotel in California, when I have access to the next NEEO in about two hours I will check how and if I can reproduce this.

    • Hi Patrick, what a coincidence, I live in California.  Maybe you and Raphael can stop by and help me complete the set up of my NEEO!  😉

    • Hi Patrick - were you able to reproduce this?  Any suggestions on fixing? - Thanks!

  • Patrick Andy I was programming channel favorites last night and noticed that the A&E channel (logo) isn't in your database.  Can this be added?

      • Andy
      • Andy
      • 4 yrs ago
      • Reported - view

      Dave Overbaugh 

      Thanks for the feedback!

      The A&E logo is actually included since many months. Can you try again? Thanks!

    • Andy it does not appear anyway I enter it.  I scroll all the way down to the bottom of the list and do not see it.

  • Andy - thanks for jumping in, there seem to be quite a few issues regarding Channel Favorites, did you see my attached PDF?  I've also included a detailed description as to what's happening.  I'm still not able to add many logos due to this one problem, the logos are there, but the don't appear on the first screen, they appear on the second screen.  There's definitely something wrong.

  • Justin Klingelsmith I have tried the very exact steps you described in your very nice PDF, "unfortunately" I was not able to get this reproduced. When you remove and then re-add one of these channels, is this reliably reproducible for you?

    I have forwarded the issue to our developers, as soon as I have feedback I will let you know.

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