Selling my NEEO (Switzerland)

Since I reduced all my devices just to 1 Apple TV I don't need my NEEO anymore. Selling it on ricardo if someone is interested:

In very good condition since rarely used and contains all the cables and original packaging.

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  • Where are you moving to? Even the Sahara they need this remote! My only frustration with NEEO team is not having enough moderators to check out the topics posted on the forums👎

    Some of us have been using Home Automation for a very long time and have great ideas but can't be taken seriously! If that is your concern then am willing to be the one to have that remote off you! Are you really serious? 

    The NEEO team are failing to grasp the idea that this remote should not be used on a device basis although it works well but to work  hand in hand with well established Home automation companies to make it a success. They don't even need do any more critical coding on individual complaints!  My answer to all this and nagging questions   which fail to be answered is to ADAPT MQTT! 

    MQTT plugs into all sorts of systems that it's indeed the future ( IoT)

    My first post is here : on how you can use mqtt.

    Oh boy! if this toy could speak to Node-RED or MQTT, you really have no idea of what it could do. If it's network based then just add MQTT and it will be on steroids!



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