IP Control of Samsung TVs

It would be great to have IP control of Samsung TVs rather than just IR control. This can be done already through the below implementations. Is there any way this could be used to build IP control on NEEO?


NodeJS implementation: https://github.com/Badisi/samsung-tv-remote

TCP/IP: https://github.com/Ape/samsungctl

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  • Hi Tyler! Thank you for your feedback, I have moved this thread to Idea Voting because we don't have this option yet, and it will also let us have the other users feedback. Best Regards,

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  • Emily  Thanks for moving this to the proper section!


    More details on the API are here:


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  • We should group the multiple threads and votes related to native Samsung smart tv support

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  • Emily  The idea of grouping the threads related to ip control of Samsung tv's, is great. Otherwise it will just be a bunch of lose threads with low voting numbers. Can you please arrange for this as this voting system isn't very well arranged..

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    • Tord Solheim and Jochen Bonne Hello, thank you for your feedback. I am tagging  Patrick in this thread for him to check if this is possible. 


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  • This option is really a no brainer, should be working out of the box...

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  • Any progress on this?  I think a lot of people own Samsung TVs...

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  • I would love this feature too! I like to keep all my devices hidden in a closet (including the NEEO brain) but my TV is not in the closet and I don’t wanna run the IR cable out of the closet just to control the tv via IR. 

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  • Not to be funny but Node-RED can control the Samsung TVs over the network : https://www.npmjs.com/package/node-red-contrib-samsung-tv so Forward Actions ! While you wait.



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      • Andrew
      • Andrew
      • 2 wk ago
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      Emmanuel Serebe How do you use that?  I can't figure out how to even download the code for the Node-RED link you have there.

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    • Andrew 

      In the terminal, go into your Node-RED folder and paste and run : "npm install node-red-contrib-samsung-tv" to install

      But that assumes that you already use Node-RED!



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  • Hi Guys, any movement on this yet?

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  • Supposedly you are able to control Samsung's newer tvs through python but I am really having trouble finding an example that works for me.  I keep running into whatever git page I download either failing or just not finding any of the TVs.  This is quite annoying since every iPhone app I have installed can make it work.

    I have a SKD neeo device that is working but I can't figure out how to get a call to the tv to work (with/without neeo).

    Anyone had any luck out there without waiting for this feature?






    And others not listed, like little things that would just scan the network to see if a Samsung TV was there which would find nothing (which I find super strange since every iPhone app finds them)

    I posted a question about this here too, https://planet.neeo.com/t/63db1b/control-samsung-tvs-through-wifi, but I am not sure I got on the right path, obviously. Any help would be great, I'll create a github project if I ever get this working.

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  • Following up on this as well. As I have found some IR commands like mode ambiente do not work consistently and sometimes enters incorrect apps on the TV. 

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