Stupid devices causing remote to ask for Input every time

I've not been around here for a little while, mainly because everything is simply working so well for me but i updated last night and now I get lots of these "your TV is stupid", firstly this hurts me a little as i spent a lot of money on my TV.


secondly, my TV isn't actually stupid so not sure why I'm getting this.


The driver I'm using is

and attached is a picture of 2 of my recipes which both use the TV.


any insight?



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  • Hi  Stuart Trout !

    Just to clarify, before the update you were never prompted with any "Stupid device" messages and after the update, you are now being prompted with these screens?


  • Correct, I was running an older release, not sure which exact version, potentially was still a beta f/w

  • I would like to thank Neeo for resolving the stupid device problems in the latest firmware update. The assumption mode is something that I needed and I restarted using my remote again!

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