Firmware update w/2 Brains and 2 Remotes

I updated my 2 brains and 2 remotes. It appeared things updated all fine, however when I updated my bedroom remote it came back online connected to the living room brain, the living room remote was also connected to my living room brain. I couldn’t figure out how to change brains with the remote interface so I unplugged the living room brains power cord and rebooted the bedroom remote. When it turned back on and couldn’t find the living room brain I attempted to pair it with the bedroom brain. It was unsuccessful like I’ve experienced in the past. After hitting the “Try Again” button on the remote one more time and it not pairing properly. the nest time I arrived at the “Oh no!” Something went wrong screen. I decided to reboot the remote. This time it paired up correctly with the bedroom brain.

My curiosity got the best of me and I rebooted it again to see if it would pair up correctly again. This time It wouldn’t connect to either brain anymore giving me the same “Oh no!” Something went wrong screen again. It wouldn’t reconnect after 3-4 “Try Again” attempts.

So, I tried to do another reboot. It came back up with the correct bedroom screen this time. I’m not messing with it anymore. But I hope this helps someone else out there just in case their remotes somehow pair with the wrong brain. Also, if all else fails... Reboot!

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  • To repair the Remote to a dedicated Brain, you can do the Following:

    Power Off the Remote

    Hold Back and Power until you see the FTUE Screen

    Follow the instructions Provided by the Remote

    This pairs the Remote to the Brain, you push during setup, also it enables NEEO Link.

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