Legacy Neeo is well alive.

I bought an old neeo remote (2nd hand) this late December 2019. I was a bit desperate to see that all neeo cloud services are fully down and thought I bought a paper weight.

Yet, thanks to Niels' posts and the sdk provided by neeo, I am now able to run everything in my house (Hue, Air Con, Mi TV, Yamaha Receiver Xbox One X). I use a Broadlink Mini 3 (blackbean) for all the additional IR stuffs and a Raspberry Pi.

It works exactly the way I want as I developed it myself (with the extensive help of posts in this forum) and overall I am surprised on how easy it was. 

For the record, I was not having any experience in the sdk programing language (node.js) and a very very (very very) distant background of developer.

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  • Hi,

    I am also looking to buy a used NEEO remote to use it to control stuff via MQTT (some tasmota IR blasters and maybe more). Ist it possible to setup the NEEO brain completely without the cloud/internet? And can you setup the touchscreen and buttons? So basically can you add virtual devices where you can grab button presses and so on?


    Kind Regards

  • Hello Niko, no problem at all to setup the remote from scratch without the cloud. I tested successfully. You will just need to read the sdk tutorials from Niels user. They are very clear and then you are on. I am not sure for MQTT but you will certainly have to code a little bit of node.js.

    I started without any knowledge and fastly developed drivers for everywhere in my house, including volumio, chromecast, xbox, webradio,... I am using IR the least possible as Web API is so much faster. 

  • Hi Jean,

    thanks for the quick answer. I know there is paho-mqtt available via npm. I haven't developed much with JavaScript but grabbing a few events from the remote and sending payloads to my own smart home "brain" which handles all the logic and sends IR Codes should not be that hard.

    I was just worried that for the initial setup of the brain or for the Android app cloud access is required.

    I guess firmware updates are not possible anymore, so i will have to live with the firmware i get with the used NEEO remote and brain?

  • Yes exactly. That's what happenned to me as I bought the remote (actually 5 of them :-)) only recently. Just make sure the firmware is 0.53. It is the last one (with a few annoying bugs but overall OK). 

    So to be clear I can confirm you that you don't need clock d access for neither the android app or the initial setup. 

    You won't be able to download any predevelopped drivers, but if you have your raspberry connected, all the drivers you get from github and the ones you developpe (as you say, forwarding events is simple) will be available easily. 

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