Can we please have a definite statement as for what is to be expected from neeo within the next 6-12 months?
I saw many posts from neeo employees referring to their roadmap and/or pointing out some requested feature/bugfix/idea is already on that roadmap.
So much of the criticism and complaints on here could be appeased by just communicating what exactly your dev team is working on right now and what will be the next thing they will focus their attention to. Idk why especially for a "small team" this vital part cant be delivered.

Nobody expects you to comment on the same complaint-posts pointing out a bug/missing feature for the 100th time with the same answer and/or helping with setting up basic recipes for that one super awkward setup some people are using nor adding TV channel icons for this all important uzbekistani underground tv station. Rather invest your manpower and forum posts here to share updates on the voted ideas and a transparent roadmap which most of the users are eagerly awaiting.

Its basically 10 lines of text (EXAMPLE):

Roadmap till 30.06.2019

now working on:

- bluethooth functionality

- customizable icons

- display time on top bar of the remote

expected time till beta:

  XY weeks

  public release ETA after beta

next on afterwards:

- customizable hard buttons


And another 3 lines of text for lets say the 20 most voted ideas/feature requests:

Issue: Add the time to the top bar on the Remote

Date issued: 1yr ago

Comment: We cannot realize this feature within the next year. / We will realize this feature within the next 6 months.


Everyone will know what to expect and most of the recently and not so recently asked questions regarding the ongoing development are served.

What exactly is holding you back copying those 80 lines of text out of your already existing roadmaps/timeframe? Put a "subject of change" tag and you are good to go.


In the long run though you should additionally open up the code to allow custom implemenations like e. g. in the homey product or the likes. "Use at your own risk" addons made by and for the consumers themselves is quite a playground. Since the neeo is a onetime buy you should keep the community busy until you managed to finish your own software development and word of mouth turns and can legit turn positive. Nobody in their right mind can recommend this product to a usual mass market consumer as it is at the moment.


On a sidenote, is this guy still alive?
Of course its nice to "meet the team" but reading he is a software engineer and his last activity was almost a year ago... same goes for some of the other folks presented there. Its just awful to see those inactive employees side by side with voted ideas sitting there for more than a year (of course they are on the roadmap) and nothing happening. Makes people lose trust more than anything. I'm pretty sure me and many other customers would rather read a statement on your devs not being able to deliver a feature than just being ignored dont you think? At least it would allow people to shelf their neeo and come back after another year instead of putting it on resale and spreading the word how bad of a product the neeo is - and dont get me wrong here, it is not. Just far away from where it should be.

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    • hura
    • Huber_Raphael
    • 6 mths ago
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    not even a single reaction? c'mon...

    btw. i'm also really curious about the long time absent people who used to answer pretty quick a year ago or so.  many of them are absent since months...
    its sad to see, that NEEO didn't evolve when it comes to communication.

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    • Huber Raphael you expected a reaction on a weekend? C'mon the team has free time as well. 

      The team is still active, they are again on ISE 2019 with a booth, also there are answers written by different members nearly each weekday.

      The company made every employee a account to jump in, declare issues or give feedback. But for communication to the public there is a small team that is responsible. So not every neeo team member is active here. There are also some that never wrote a single post here. But that's OK, if they don't need to. 

      I will pull in Jeff so he gets a notification and checks the topic.

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      • hura
      • Huber_Raphael
      • 6 mths ago
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      Markus Mahr 

      sorry, my bad. inworked all weekend and somehow missed it...  ^^'

      its just sad, because many other topics didnt get a response. even ingrid had her last post allready a week ago, and she should be the community-person here.

      this combined with employees who dont post since month just looks wierd. specially after the announcement of faster updates, 


      i simply dont get, why they keep up the silence instead of working with the community.

      the support is great, but communication isnt.

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    • Huber Raphael No big deal, it wasn't meant bad. I was working two the whole weekend so i know that this can sometimes be tricky. Regarding Ingrid, there is something going on, but no Information (maybe a fault or something else). That's also why i pulled in Jeff as he is Head of Customer Support, he should can say something about the topic. Also he is based in USA California not in Swiss, so he has different Work hours then the Team that is responsible for adding new devices and reply the most on here (its Andy i talked about ;-) )

      Fully understand what your thoughts are. I also plan to readdress / ask the Team when i meet them in Persona (will be in roughly one week).

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    • Huber Raphael BTW, there was a "small" announcement from Jeff over at an other Topic, it is not a Big answer or exactly the Topic, but it announces something that is correlated to this Topic:

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  • Neeo reminds me of the Monty Python parrot sketch. "It's not dead, it's just pining for the fjords"

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  • Its been a week without any comment from officials. Problems wont disappear if left uncommented. The continuous ignoring of topics like this feels more like adding insult to injury.
    Although its so awfully wrong to have a customer taking care of community communications I'd really be interested in the teams' reaction to ur questions  Markus Mahr !

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  • These threads are so depressing. My best guess would be that the dev team committed to more than they should have for the next firmware release. I do not doubt that the devs are working hard. If they haven't already, they really should take a look at Agile development. We would be seeing new firmware nearly every other week. The changes would always be smaller and incremental, but we wouldn't have this 4+ month waiting period giving people time to wonder if they chose the right horse.


    One of the biggest concerns I have for Neeo is that people are paying a fairly good amount of money for this product and when you spend that much money, it doesn't take too much for you to start to get concerned when you perceive a lack of responsiveness. I for one really want to see this company succeed. I like the product and what it likely will be, but I am starting to think Neeo might be one of those companies we reminisce about 5 years from now if this is how the development cycles are going to be.

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      • Geoff T
      • Geoff_T
      • 6 mths ago
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      Joseph Shuttlesworth 

      I totally agree. This lack of progress is totally unacceptable for such an expensive product.

      I have a Hubitat Elevation home automation hub. Hubitat are also a young and small company like Neeo, but there are new firmware releases every few weeks and hotfixes as soon as they identify a bug, sometimes within hours. Their customer support is superb, they respond to feature requests and they allow the community to write their own device drivers. As a result there is a brilliant and active community of enthusiastic owners driving the project forward.

      The contrast to here is chalk and cheese.

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    • hura
    • Huber_Raphael
    • 6 mths ago
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    i dont have any concerns about this product. i like it and even the still missing functions dont really bother me. but WHY is it so damn hard, to communicate with the community?

    make it a monthly thing, do a short post about whats going on. thats all it needs.


    our so called community-team makes it even worse. patrick has not postet since 2 month and ingrid since 11days. vacations, sickness ? just tell us.


    it seems like the tech-support team still does a brilliant job, so why is it so hard for the community part?

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  • Huber Raphael ,


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  • Raphael Patrick don’t mean to be negative but these guys have a good point, as a leader it’s your job! There’s no point dribbling bits of information into posts by members of your team, you have a responsibility to keep your community up to date. 

    Quite frankly either your team are letting you down by not effectively communicating or you are letting your team down by not having a clear strategy in place!

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