Remote not turning on

I haven't used my NEEO for a couple months now and it's just been on the dock. I picked it up today and there's no power... i've tried swapping the plug from the brain to the charging cradle to rule out any issue there.

I tried all the combinations of holding power button and releasing, even opened up the back and unlplugged and plugged the battery back in... is there anything else i can do or am i just SOL now? 

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  • Mine too. Just like that, won't work. Screen backlight comes on, sometimes I see some pixel lines. But not working at all. Opened it up, looks fine. Nothing out of place. Tried putting more pressure on contact points. Nothing worked. Almost feels like a known planed obsolescence. Very disappointed how all this turned out. Definitely a lot less likely to back early hardware projects after this.

    So what's the best alternative?

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