How to replace the NEEO Remote Battery?


So after having and using the NEEO remote for many years now it behaves weirdly and sometimes just finishes really quickly and sometimes doesn't even charge properly.


I want to replace the battery, of course replacing the battery is easy enough as its just a single connector for a 3.7v 1350mAh battery, but its the size which is the problem, does anyone know where I can get the same size battery to replace with? Im in UK so hopefully somewhere I can buy in UK like amazon?

Ive had a look and I can't find a battery that is a similar size and same battery capacity or higher!! The Neeo battery is about 3mm thickness, but most other batteries that have capacity of 1350mAh are about 6mm thickness and I'm not sure if they will actually fit!

Hopefully someone has already replaced there battery before and can guide me on which battery to buy?

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