(SOLD) Selling NEEO remote and brain, Silver EU version

Used, but remote and brain are in good condition. NEEO remote and brain are working ok.

  • Color: Silver
  • Version: EU


Price: 100€ + shipping or send me your offer for the complete price (Product & Shipping *). :)

* Remote is in Finland at the moment. Willing to send to EU, if needed. Also if someone is interested just ask so I'll include pictures from the remote and brain.

Original box etc. stuff coming along with the remote and brain.

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  • Heya,

    Only interested in the remote, since my has a huge issue with the battery. Will it work buying the remote only?

  • Niels de Klerk Any idea if one could pair another remote to ”old” brain setup succesfully?


    Pär How much where You thinking pricewise?

      • Pär
      • Par
      • 11 mths ago
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      Miikka Myllylä not sure really. €30-35?

    • Pär Sorry. That's way too little.

      • Pär
      • Par
      • 11 mths ago
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      Miikka Myllylä understand. for me, the Neeo is a piece of brick at the moment. So either I'm buying something more long term, like Logitech or whatever, or buying a second hand working Neeo remote. Either way,  you're selling both the remote and the brain for 100, so yeah ok, let me know what the price might be reasonable for you then :)

    • Pär Hi, sorry I forgot answer to Your question. Maybe 70-80€ because then my setup wouldn’t be complete anymore so that would basically mean that I would be selling the complete NEEO at that price. 

  • Miikka Myllylä Of Course you can pair a remote with an other brain. You may also use up to 9 remotes with one brain. I personaly use 2 remotes at my one main brain.

    • Markus M Super. Thanks!

  • Hello Mikka, good morning, is it still available? I am interested at 70 EUR. I pay shipment. Let me know please. 

    • JeanArnaud Hi, It is. :) 70€ + shipping cost is ok. How should we proceed and do you want the whole set or just remote etc. ? 

  • Hi, good news, I am staying in Singapore. 

    I propose to make you a PayPal payment and then you send me the packet through ups or whatever tracking system.. Of course you need to see with ups (or whichever you prefere) first and show me the price so I can pay the exact amount. Is it OK for you? 

    • JeanArnaud Paypal is Ok. I have to check the pricing for the shipping. It might take some time. I’ll be back with this once I got the price. 

      Btw. I’m having EU version of the NEEO is that suitable in Singapore?


      Do you want the whole package with brain etc. or just remote? 

      Could you DM me your contact details like complete address so I can strange the shipping with UPS.