Apple TV 4k works when set up but then not the next day..

Apple TV works when set up. The next day it doesn't seem to accept the Ir commands to wake or do anything .... Last nitght I deleted and reinstalled the Apple TV device driver and it works fine. Today it won't accept IR commands again. Is there an Apple TV configuration I need to change or is this a Neeo driver issue. Very perplexed!

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  • Martin Bett Strange. Let’s inspect that. It sounds a bit like something specific happens is your setup. We use 4K Apple TVs everywhere and have not experienced that one yet. Can you check if the Apple TV still reacts to commands from its original remote when this happens. Also -mignt sound stupid but -have you ever restarted the Apple TV? Thanks!

  • Raphael

    Great to hear from you. I wanted to send you an email on my first impressions and will do so over the holiday period. I've been travelling for over a month and just got back. Couldn't wait to unbox and set the Neeo up.

    First impressions: quality, quality, quality. I know this is what you are aiming for and you have achieved this. Congratulations. Quality packaging and feel when you get the hardware out. Excellent first impression.

    Had a few problems getting the app to connect to the Brain, but got there and seems fine now.

    For a simple set-up the app is a dream to use. Unfortunately the driver implementation is a bit sketchy, but your team are amazingly responsive, so I'm sure that you are getting things sorted. More on this later.

    On the Apple TV 5k situation: It still reacts to the original remote but that is not using IR (I think it's Bluetooth). I have power cycled the Apple TV. Just deleted and reinstalled the Apple TV device and it appears to be working now ... but I don't know if this will continue!



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  • Did a factory reset on the Apple TV. Seems to be working Ok now.

    • Martin Bett Hello, thank you for your feedback 😉

      Glad to hear everything is now working correctly👍. Please let us know if you have any other questions concerning this device. 

      I will now mark this thread as solved. Thank you for your understanding.

      With all my very best regards,

    • Actually, I think the problem was to do with the placement of the IR repeater. The Apple TV is in a  cupboard, so I was using  repeater attached to the Brain. It was working well for all other devices in the cupboards, but not the Apple TV 4k. It is on the left hand side of the front of the Apple TV 4k and does not have a "tell-tale" ,so finding the correct location for the IR repeater is quite difficult.

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