Multibrain Recipes

I promised Jeff that I would post a video showing how to create multibrain recipes using the openHAB binding/transport to create a 'mesh' of brains.  Basically any brain can access any other brain's devices (as well as openHAB devices - I show the WOL one in the video as well) using openHAB as the middleman.

Sorry it took me so long - in the process of the getting the latest code merged into the main openHAB project

You an view the video here:

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  • Impressive.

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  • Wow!

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  • Tim, this looks really nice. Now i know what my next feature for the homey app will be ;-)

  • Really cool. Neeo with openHAB  is in my opinion a power-full combination. Raphael  Hope this will handle Neeo one day themselves. Imo Should there be a way to add more brains and assign them to a room. Every Remote should connect dynamically to the related brain depending on the device who has to be controlled. 

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