Very exclusive NEEO brain.

Hi all, I have to share this very exclusive NEEO brain with you all.

I think that design of tech products is as important as the features it brings. I started looking at NEEO because of its design and material choices. Although I love the black and aluminum versions I thought that a wooden brain might look great to, so a couple of weeks ago I started to make that happen.

After some digging I found a NEEO brain stl file on thingiverse (Kudos and credits go to the awsome chixxi).

I fstarted with a test print on my 3D printer to see if it was any good. I got a nice black printed NEEO brain after some trial an error and the final result fitted perfectly. I ordered some wood filament as I was quite sure that I could manage to print a wooden version as well. While waiting for the filament I continued printing a white version to compensate for the never released white rabbit version. The result was unique and looks a bit like an Oreo cookie.


I dubbed mine the OrNEEO.

When I received the wood filament I started to print the brain. It’s a difficult print and a lot did go wrong.


I had some clogging issues due to the wood and some standard fine tuning issues until I got a perfect print.


I sanded the outside a little bit and treated the printed wooden brain with a nice wood lacquer. I’m really happy with the result and love to share it.


Please note that modding or in any way changing anything to your NEEO or NEEO brain will void your warranty.

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  • What do you think if the BRAIN was a bit raised and vented (and / or a low noise fan fitted) on top rim side

    The devil is within the details.

    Edit : They could be aluminium and may be skins applied.



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    • Emmanuel Serebe I personally like the dimensions  as it is. But off course anything is possible.

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  • Super cool!!!! 😎 You are right, the OrNEEO (Fantastic name!) calls for eating!😁 You should definitely keep this away from children! 😉

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  • That is wicked cool!

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  • do you own a CNC machine or something? that sh*t is tight 

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