HowTo get your A/C device supported

Find the correct driver

Please check the availability of your A/C (air conditioner) device first here as it might already be supported.

If it is not supported yet, please help to figure out which driver works by testing the following Live IR Tests. Please, be aware that they contain TEMP UP and TEMP DOWN only. We also ask you to read all the instructions below. 

The Live IR Test works the following way:

  1. Navigate to Settings Menu in your NEEO app. 
  2. Navigate to NEEO Brain.
  3. Click on "Live IR Test".
  4. Write a Live IR Test code into the text field. (See test codes below)
  5. Test the commands.

Attention! The Live IR Test codes are case-sensitive. Please, also note the difference between a capitalized "i => I" or a lower case "L => l". Moreover, if any of the manufacturers, who you need a Live IR Test for, is not listed, please let us know. We'll do our best to add an additional test ASAP.

Here you can find basic Live IR Test Codes:

Changhong: RuvlqB2vDR
Daikin: 95oUNSPyH6
De'Longhi: MVS6z9V4qP
Electrolux: Z9LHDQS3uo
Fujitsu: Vp3B8SbZXZ
Goldstar: N0LqZ0uBhG
Hitachi: IJpRCfFVsv
Midea: Vp6e7cebEh
Mitsubishi: VuKasAzfak
National/Panasonic: UCFDxCQmHV
Samsung: rvHyiK9re2
Toshiba: gAoxqdRggg


Please note, that three test outcomes are possible:

  •  One or multiple sets of TEMP commands worked.

    Good news, we'll be able to support your device. Please, let us know which commands worked. We'll then send you an advanced test. Let us know the exact commands/buttons that work beside the TEMP commands. E.g. FAN, MODE, COOL, etc...
  • Only one TEMP command worked. You can probably hear a beep from the A/C device, besides, no real action is triggered.

    We will, of course, keep on getting this device supported. At the moment it cannot be supported by NEEO.
  • No command worked

    If that's the case, of course, we will try to get this device supported. This will definitely take a little bit more time and therefore, we can't set any timeframe when this will be available. Stay tuned!


Further important tests

  • Noticing the difference between discrete and non-discrete temperature steps

    Non-discrete TEMP commands: If the temperature always raises up or is lowered after sending the TEMP commands from the Live IR Tests, the commands are non-discrete.

    Discrete TEMP commands: If the temperature doesn't change, when sending the TEMP commands from the Live IR Tests, the commands are discrete. At the moment, this scenario is not 100% supported by NEEO. You'll have separate temperature commands inside the driver instead of single temperature up and down commands.

    How to test:

    Set your A/C device with your original remote to a very high or low temperature and send TEMP commands via the Live IR Test multiple times and see how the command works.
  • Noticing the difference between mode based and non-mode based A/C devices:

    As soon as we know which TEMP commands work, we'll send you a full test including all commands supported by the test.

    Non-mode based: For example, if the temperature is set at 28°C and you send a FAN command (NOT a temperature command!) via the full Live IR Test and the temperature still stays at 28°C, it's non-mode based.

    Mode-based: If the temperature is e.g. set at 28°C and you send e.g. a FAN command (NOT a temperature command!) via the full Live IR Test and the temperature drops or raises at the same time, it's mode based. Currently, NEEO is technically not able to support mode based A/C devices.


Vote for your brand

Of course, our goal is to support any device. Still, we want to channel our limited resources into the A/C brands that are most used and requested by our customer.

If your A/C device currently cannot be supported by NEEO, please vote for your brand with sending a direct message to Andy

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  • Already supported A/C devices

    Airton TAC12CHSA ZI
    Amcor AC12
    Bionaire BCH9446-CN
    Bionaire BSF1731RC
    Bionaire BW2300
    Comfee PDA-12
    Cool Living CLPC8000 Daikin FT12NV2S
    Daikin FT50GVEC
    Daikin FTE09JV2S
    Daikin FTE09NV2S
    Daikin FTE12HV2S
    Daikin FTE18BV1
    Daikin FTE18NV2S
    Daikin FTE24NV2S
    Daikin FTE25FV1
    Daikin FTE25JV1
    Daikin FTE25JV1C
    Daikin FTE25KV1
    Daikin FTE35FV1
    Daikin FTE35KV1
    Daikin FTE35MV16
    Daikin FTE35MV16 R-22
    Daikin FTE50LV169
    Daikin FTE50MV16
    Daikin FTE50NRV16 R-22
    Daikin FTE60NRV16 R-22
    Daikin FTEIRD120
    Daikin FTEIRD800
    Daikin FTKS50FVM
    Daikin FTKS60FVM
    Daikin FTKS71FVM
    Daikin FXA20LVE
    Daikin FXA20LVEC (KFR-22G)
    Daikin FXA25LVE
    Daikin FXA25LVEC (KFR-28G)
    Daikin FXA32LVE
    Daikin FXA32LVEC (KFR-36G)
    Daikin FXA40LVE
    Daikin FXA50LVE
    Daikin FXA63LVE
    Daikin FXAQ20MVE
    Daikin FXAQ25MVE
    Daikin FXAQ32MVE
    Daikin FXAQ40MVE
    Daikin FXAQ50MVE
    Daikin FXAQ63MVE
    Daikin S63ETRP W
    De'Longhi Pinguino Air-to-Air PAC N81
    De'Longhi TCH7590-8590
    De'Longhi TCH7592ER
    De'Longhi TCH8093ER
    Dimplex DXMBCF
    Electrolux Z9124
    Emerson CF-2454
    Friedrich CP18F30
    Frigidaire FFRE0533Q1
    Frigidaire FFRE0633S1
    Frigidaire FFRE0833S1
    Frigidaire FFRE1033S1
    Frigidaire FFRE1533S1
    Frigidaire FFRE1833S2
    Frigidaire FFRE2233S2
    Frigidaire FFRE2533S2
    Frigidaire FFRH1222R2
    Frigidaire FGRC0844S1
    Frigidaire FGRC1044T1
    Frigidaire FGRC1244T1
    Frigidaire Valencia
    Fujitronic FH-778
    Fujitsu AR-PV1
    General Electric AEL05LVQ2
    General Electric ASW4DBS1
    General Electric AXG18G
    Gree GJ10
    Haier ESA3065
    Haier ESA3069
    Haier ESA3087
    Haier ESA3089
    Haier ESA3109-L
    Haier ESA3125
    Haier ESA405L
    Haier ESA4069
    Haier ESA406J-T
    Haier ESA406M-L
    Haier ESA406N-T
    Haier ESA408K
    Haier ESA408K-T
    Haier ESA408M
    Haier ESA408R-8000
    Haier ESA410J
    Haier ESA410K
    Haier ESA410K-L
    Haier ESA410N-L
    Haier ESA412K
    Haier ESA412N
    Haier ESA415M
    Haier ESA418K
    Haier ESA424-MID
    Haier ESA424K
    Haier HPN12XCM
    Haier HSU-07HE03-R2
    Haier HSU-07HR03
    Haier HSU-07HVA103
    Haier HSU-09CA2
    Haier HSU-09CW03
    Haier HSU-09HA103-R2
    Haier HSU-09HEA103-R2
    Haier HSU-09HV03-R2
    Haier HSU-09LTS14
    Haier HSU-09RQ03
    Haier HSU-09RU03
    Haier HSU-09lLH13
    Haier HSU-10HM03
    Haier HSU-10HT03-R2
    Haier HSU-12CK3W-3N
    Haier HSU-12CKCS-3N
    Haier HSU-12H03-Z1
    Haier HSU-12HA103-R2
    Haier HSU-12HEK03
    Haier HSU-12HQA-R2
    Haier HSU-12LEA13-M
    Haier HSU-12LEKE2-1
    Haier HSU-12LKO3-E10G
    Haier HSU-12RHE03
    Haier HSU-12RM03
    Haier HSU-12XCA
    Haier HSU-12XCA-G
    Haier HSU-14HV03-R2
    Haier HSU-18CB03
    Haier HSU-18CG1W3N
    Haier HSU-18CKAB3-N
    Haier HSU-18HEK03-R2
    Haier HSU-18HVE03
    Haier HSU-18HXAR-R2
    Haier HSU-18HZE-R2
    Haier HSU-18LE03
    Haier HSU-18LXA-ZC
    Haier HSU-19CXBW-5N
    Haier HSU-22HA103
    Haier HSU-22HV03-R2
    Haier HSU-22HX04
    Haier HSU-24HEA03-E6
    Haier HSU-26HEK03-R2
    Haier HSU-53HEK03-R2
    Harbour Breeze AC 527
    Kenmore 25372088200
    LG LP1013WNR
    LG LSC121PMA
    LG LWHD8008R
    LG MC12AHR
    LG W12THM-C860 (GOLD)
    Midea MSG-12HR
    McQuay MWM007FW
    Mistral GZ-1002BE1
    Mitsubishi MSH-09NV
    Mitsubishi MSH-GA60VB
    Mitsubishi SRK35ZKXT-S
    Mitsubishi SRK71ZKT-S
    National CS-C125KA
    Panasonic CF-RR7
    Panasonic CS-C18PKH
    Panasonic CS-YS18RKY
    Remko RKL 290
    Samsung ASV24PSMN
    Samsung MC18F2BNXAP
    Samsung SH12ZWHD
    Sanyo KS1251
    Sharp AF-S85RX
    Sharp AH-AP18LMT
    Sharp FU-40SE-K
    Siku TwinFresh Comfo RA1-50-V2
    SoleusAir SG-WAC-08ESE
    Sunpentown WA-1211S
    Toshiba RAS-B16GKVP-E
    Toshiba RAS-B16N3KVP
    Toshiba RAS-M07N3KV2-E1
    Whynter ARC-122DS

  • Not yet supported A/C devices

    Daikin ANW35GV1
    Daikin FDXS35EAVMB
    Daikin FT25DVM
    Daikin FTX25J2V1B
    Daikin FTKS50FVM
    Daikin FTKS60FVM
    Daikin FTKS71FVM
    Daikin FTN50JV18
    Daikin FTXD80CV48
    Dakin FTXG-LS
    Daikin FTXM25
    Daikin FTXM95
    Daikin FTXS20
    Daikin FTXS50FVMA8
    Daikin FTXS60KAVMA
    Daikin FTXS71LVMA 
    Daikin FTXS95LVMA
    Daikin FTYN35KA
    Daikin FVXS60GV2CN
    Daikin P25FTV-W
    Daikin S71RTAXP-W
    De'Longhi MDH09-BK
    De'Longhi PAC AN120EW
    De'Longhi PAC AN125HPEK
    De'Longhi Pinguino PAC EX100 Silent
    Fujitsu AO-U12-CQ
    Fujitsu AR-RAH1E
    Fujitsu AR-RAJ1E
    Fujitsu AR-VS7
    Fujistu AS-S28A-W
    Fujitsu AS-T24RGA-W
    Fujitsu AS-TG18KMCA
    Fujitsu AS-V50W2-W
    General Electric AR-RY 18
    LG C24AWR N81
    Mitsubishi MSC-GA20VB
    Mitsubishi MFZ-KA
    Mitsubishi MSY-GE13VA
    Mitsubishi MSY-GE24VA
    Mitsubishi MSZ-EF35VE2B
    Mitsubishi MSZ-FD25VA
    Mitsubishi MSZ-GE42VAD
    Mitsubishi SRK50ZM-S
    Panasonic CS-286CF-W
    Panasonic CS-C28MFH
    Panasonic CS-E21LKR
    Panasonic CS-E24FKR
    Panasonic CS-E24PKR
    Panasonic CS-PC18MKF
    Panasonic CS-RE15JKE
    Panasonic CS-RE24PKR
    Panasonic DC-25V1R
    Panasonic Eco Navi
    Sasmung AR12FCFSAWKX
    Samsung AR12HSFNCWKNZE
    Samsung AR12KSWSBWKN
    Samsung AQ24TSBN
    Samsung AR24MQ

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