Minimalist SDK for ESP8266

I have some devices that Neeo have been unable to get the codes for so I thought I'd record the IR myself and use an Arduino to control them.   I ended up using an ESP8266 to respond to MQTT and send IR commands with the Neeo Node.JS SDK sending MQTT.   I thought this was a total waste of processing power so I have created a VERY basic Neeo device that fits in an ESP8266.

So far it only supports buttons.   Not bad for a days worth of wiresharking and coding :)


Usual disclaimer, this is a work in progress, it may not work all the time or at all.

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  • Tom M But if you where able to record the IR-Signals, why don't just send them to NEEO and they can implement them for your device? This should also be working, or did you use Devices build by yourself that are not available for buying?

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      Markus Mahr I fancied a bit of a challenge plus it lets me create my own devices.   I want to use it with the sonoff mains switches.

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