Need support of AC or Thermostat in NEEO-SDK, As I am not able to setType('AC') or ('CLIMA') in SDK.

Hello To All,                                                                                                                                               We are trying to add AC functionality in NEEO Remote as my device will control AC's and NEEO Remote will make an interface with my device over NEEO-SDK.    

As of now, we tried to add AC by using method setType('AC') as well as setType('CLIMA') and setType('HVAC') but with these method, SDK is not running and it prompts an Error: INVALID_DEVICETYPE. 

As we also tried to add AC, TV etc icon using setIcon('AC') method passed parameter according to the device type, but it seems like only Sonos Icon is available in NEEO repository to set.

Is there any procedure to upload the device and room Icons in NEEO brain so that we can use that icon in NEEO remote.

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  • Those device types are, currently, unavailable in the SDK (see for a list of valid ones). You can fork the SDK and add the "clima" one (as far as I know, ac/hvac are invalid on the brain as well) but have a higher expectation of running into issues when trying to use it.


    As for icons, I don't know of anyway to upload those to the brain - you have to choose from the set that the brain already offers (sonos is the only 'official' icon but there are others - however there is no comprehensive list of them).

    • Tim Roberts 

      Thanks for your reply, but we already tried setType("clima") and it also prompts the same error. 

    • Nitin Agrawal 

      None of those types are valid in the SDK (as you found out) - however "clima" is valid on the brain itself.  You'd need to modify the SDK (the devicetype.js file) to enable it.  However, it will likely not work as I don't know of anyone that's tried it.  Personally, things like this that you are having troubles with - I'd make in to an accessory - harder to use and won't lay things out the way you'd like - but atleast it would work..

  • I've moved the issue to our github: feel free to add details there if needed.

    Currently CLIMA is not supported via the SDK that's why you'd getting the INVALID_DEVICETYPE error. The supported types are listed here

    Uploading custom icons is currently not possible. The device icons are automatically determined based on the device type.

  • I have added Clima as Device type and getting the Icon on my NEEO Remote, now I can able to increase and decrease the temperature using UP and Down Arrow key, Now I would like to add ON/OFF button to the AC but I am not getting any ON-OFF button on Clima, also I would like to add FAN speed.

    I don't want to add Recipe to the Clima to do ON/OFF, I want a dedicated ON/OFF button.

    Also, I want to update the current temperature of AC to remote, Is there any kind of method which I can call form SDK.

    • Nitin Agrawal 

      I haven't worked with CLIMA - so this is guess work.

      ON/OFF button - not sure what you mean by dedicated ON/OFF button.  Do you mean dedicated hard key on the remote or do you mean dedicated switch on the screen of the clima?

      If by hard key, you generally need to create a power sensor (addPowerStateSensor) and add the POWER ON/POWER OFF buttons (either through two addButton or via addButtonGroup('POWER')).  When the main CLIMA recipe is started, you'll get a callback on the power sensor (or button push controller) that will allow you to power on the device.  When you hit the hard key "OFF" (or press the OFF icon on the recipe) - you'll get the callback again.  

      If by switch - just added a switch to your SDK device definition and then add that switch as a shortcut - then you'll be able to switch the on/off as you need.

      For fan speed - same thing - you add a slider to the SDK device definition, then add the slider as a shortcut.

      Finally - for the current temperature - add a text label to the SDK device definition and then use the notification service (registerSubscriptionFunction) to send updates to the text label with the new current temperature.

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