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Is there a possibility to change the hardkey function? I have a Samsung Frame TV and when I click on the standby button (on Neeo) the TV completely switches off. However on my Samsung remote if I click on standby, it switches to Art Mode - showing art as a screensaver. I would like to activate this function rather than completely switching off the TV. Is there a way to change what command is sent when using the hardkeys?

Thank you. 

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  • Julius Klaus The power off function can be done via editing of the recipe. This needs to be done for all Reciepes in the "switched off" mode. There you can set a command you prefer.

    Maybe this is a fault in the Database, therefor i tag Andy maybe he has more infos about that or why they decide to use this command as power off.

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      • Beni
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      Markus Mahr The problem with this would be that if you remove the "Power Off" of the TV in the "Switched Off" of the reciepe and add the command you like, then the NEEO thinks the device is still on and will not send a Power On command when you launch the reciepe the next time.


      (This is because of the alfeady often mentioned "bug" in the power handling of Neeo for non-stupid devices. But the bug has not been aknowledged or commented yet by any team member. There are some topics in the forum about this already)

    • Beni As far as i know, the Team is allready working on this and other bigs related to Recipes (also the Need TV and Manual Recipe Bugs).

      You are right and i didn't thought about that previously. As soon as the command is not implemented as Power Off, NEEO will handle it not as such one.

      Ingrid did you changed the command from Art mode to Off or was there other changes? i only have in mind, that there was a request about this model and its function, but didn't know what was done from your side.

  • Hi, Julius Klaus. Thanks for your feedback. We had to change this function as it was not working reliably. Could you please try to add the shortcut ART MODE? Thanks. 

  • Thank you very much for all your messages. Ingrid regarding adding the shortcut; do you mean on the screen? 

    Thank you :-) 

  • Hi. 

    Thank you very much for your reply. Sorry it took so long. I just tried it and it works perfectly. :-) Thank you. 

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