Is POWER IN command executing?


My TV goes into sleep mode and needs a POWER ON command to wake up.

I added a POWER ON command as a short cut, but it does not seem to work.

Is the command being “smart” because it thinks it is already on?

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  • When the brain thinks the power is on then it won’t sent the power on command. I don’t know why but that’s as far as I can tell deliberate.

    • Niels de Klerk 

      That is what I thought, but it makes no sense to me. If I explicitly add a POWER ON command as a shortcut, NEEO shouldn’t try to outsmart me.

      As is, I would need to turn off the recipe and turn it on again.

    • Paul Spee I can’t agree more.

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      • Andy
      • Andy
      • 1 yr ago
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      Paul Spee 

      As a workaround, you can add POWER TOGGLE to the shortcut screen. This should turn on the TV always and ignore the power status.

  • I already posted this Bug like 10 times on planet NEEO, but never got an official answer from the NEEO representatives. Looks like this "wrong" behaviour is beeing ignored....

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