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Hello everyone,

I finished construction on a new home. My house is wired where upstairs I have a closet where I will put all of my equipment (Apple TV, cable boxes, etc) for all rooms including the living room. My first question is will NEEO let me view devices dedicated to a specific room. Like can I click  "living room" and pull up all of the devices used for the living room or click "media room" and see all of the media room functions. I want to see if I can get one brain and then have all of the devices connected to that brain and have one remote in the media room and then just use the app for the rest of the rooms to be cost-efficient.

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  • Hi Kishan Desai

    i also have all my equipment in a cabinet. you are also able to add devices to room's. that how NEEO works.

    what you have to think about is, that NEEO just support IR & HMDI CEC commands this time. so the brain has to "see" all IR devices which should be contorlled.

    the best you can do is make a list of all your devices, then i can see what can be controlled from a cabinet.

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    • nuro I will be purchasing new equipment so I am positive the equipment will be compatible. It will just be regular stuff like audio receivers for 5.1 in living room and 7.4.2 in media, cable boxes, apple tv, dish network receiver. Does the Brain work by being able to see the actual equipments IR like a standard remote would communicate with it or is it a stronger signal where it does not need to actually see the IR thing but instead just needs to be somewhere near it. I apologize not sure about the exact terminology so the last sentence may sound confusing. Also, up to how many rooms can you set to the brain?

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    • nuro The IR extender can send signals to multiple devices correct? Because I have seen some IR extenders stuck on the TV or whatever device to the IR receiver of the device. Making it only useful for one.

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    • Kishan Desai i don't know how strong the IR Signal is. but the brain has to "see" all devices which should be controlled over IR. Or even the extender should.  and yes, the extender can send signals to multiple devices. in my setup the extender sends signals to the AVR and the TV.
      you can set the brain to every room you like. But if you have equipment that uses IR you have to make shure that the brain reaches all of them. This is not possible with only one brain.
      as NEEO said in one of the latest posts here, it will be possible in future to have a multi brain setup. I think this will fit your needs.

      Further, the extender which you can see on top of my Brain is the one for my TV Box, i placed it directly on top of the Brain, that i can hide it also in the cabinet.

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    • nuro  Ok so per my understanding, correct me if I am wrong, if I am sitting downstairs in the living room with the remote and the equipment and hub is upstairs in a closet. The remote will send an RF signal to the hub and then the hub and IR extender will send an IR signal to the equipment in the closet. If I have three of the same receivers for three different rooms so like for example Denon receivers will the NEEO be able to differentiate them after I program them?

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      • Fonzo
      • Fonzo
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      Kishan Desai If the receivers are the same model they use the same IR codes. So if they are placed in the same room this will not work because the IR signal is reaching all the devices. In this case, you have to operate the devices via IP. For that, you need at the moment a  computer and an SDK driver or a home automation system. I use Denon as well. They are controlled via IP and IPSymconDenon and IP-Symcon. IP-Symcon gets the Commands from the NEEO via LAN and IPSymconNEEO and redirects the commend via IP command and Denon AVR Control Protocol to the Zone of the different Denon AVRs

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    • Kishan Desai it's like Fonzo said. what i can say so far is that will be the best solution at this time. you only can setup more of the same AVR's with a multibrain setup as i allready said. but this feature is "future music" as you may read in the blog for NEEO Pro as i allready mentioned.

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  • Kishan Desai here you can see how i made the setup..

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