SmartTV Recipe disappeared, custom recipe is not OK


Since I bough new TV, I added it to devices and removed the old TV. Most of recipes then fixed themselves, but I did loose "TV" recipe that I used to just switch on TV+AVR and then use SmartTV stuff. I did proceed with my own custom recipe and it is working fine. But even today custom recipes have no exit, do not show as active and that is not acceptable. Before the "system" created TV recipe was OK. How do I get it back?


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  • Hi, Alen Salamun. Thank you very much for reaching out to us. You are right, at the moment we don't provide the same options for manually created recipes as we rather suggest using automatically created recipes. Though, you can vote for more functionality for these recipes here

    What do you exactly mean when you say: 

     I did loose "TV" recipe that I used to just switch on TV+AVR and then use SmartTV stuff. 

    Is your TV not shown on the home screen? 

    • Ingrid Yes, TV recipe disappeared from home screen, thus I recreated it with "custom" recipe. I really do not want to wipe everything and start from scratch, is there a way to recreate the "generated" TV recipe?

      EDIT: All solved....TV recipe was disabled somehow. But custom recipes without power off scenario....Not very usable at all.

    • Hi,  Alen Salamun. Glad to hear that you figured it out. 🙂 When you go thru the wiring process of your TV and choose "No, I have a set-top-box", your TV is hidden by default. That's the reason why you couldn't see it on the home screen. So, if you don't use a set-top-box, always choose "Yes, use this TV as my tuner". We recommend using automatically created recipes for your set-up, if possible, as this will directly do the wiring correctly.  

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