Batteries working time ?

How long your neeo is working without charging it ?

100% ->87% in 24h

64% 12h later

33% 24h later

0% 24h later

Total: <3,5 days in "stby".

(Stby because at the moment no one IR libraries is working correctly! I'm just using it as a very expensive paperweight 😏 )

Do you have the same time?

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  • Hi,  Sil. Thank you for reporting this. In regards to battery lifetime, could you please check on the About screen on your NEEO Remote > UPTIME (from 100% to 0%) and send an e-mail with this information to

    Stby because at the moment no one IR libraries is working correctly!

    Are there any other devices than Revox and B&O which are not working? If yes, please let us know. For Revox and B&O, the driver team is already working on that. Thanks. 

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      • Sil
      • Sil
      • 1 mth ago
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      Ingrid Thanks

      Unfortunately it's not possible to read the uptime when the battery is fully down. Once you put it in charge the uptime goes up!

      My luxury item is charging.  I need to have a look before it switches off. 

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      • Sil
      • Sil
      • 3 wk ago
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      Ingrid I sended the value (21:35:15) to your support and as answer a 19 minutes voice mail...

      I have no time neither the English level for that, sorry

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