Bug in NEEO app - can’t scroll in lights


didn’t know where to post, feel free to remove/replace if necessary. Btw,  what is the official way to report bugs? 

i have 10 IKEA TRÅDFRI lights in my system and I can’t scroll between them in my NEEO APP (iOS)

On the NEEO remote I can scroll between pages to find my lights, no problem - all though I would LOVE to group them instead ;) (I know you have  another vote for this) 


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  • Hi,  Oskar Haldemar. Thank you very much for your feedback. This has already been reported, and we are working on it. You are right, there is a better place for a bug report than the Idea Voting section. 😉  Whenever you are having device specific issues, you can always post in this section. Patrick created a guideline for this, which is also useful for all bug reports. In this case, I propose to move this thread to General.