Remote unable to connect to brain after new router installed


I recently changed broadband provider and now my remote cannot find the brain. 

The brain is connected to the network via ethernet cable. I have tried a few things:

  1. My phone connects to the new WiFi fine, I have tried to get the Brain to connect to the Wifi but it always fails.  When I enter the Brain Wifi settings it says:

    Choose a network. Your mobile phone is using <unknown ssid>.

    I select the correct network and get the following warning:

    ########## is not the Wifi network your phone is using....

    Well, it is the Wifi my phone is using but I proceed anyway and enter the password and get this message:

    Unable to connect. Either the password is not correct or the Brain successfully connected to ######### but can't be reached from <unknown ssid>.

  2. When I reboot the remote I get the 'Something went wrong' error and two options, try again or change brain. I have tried both and neither work.
  3. Also tried rebooting the brain, nothing changes.


Firmware is up to date on brain and remote, as of yesterday.

Any help welcome, thanks!


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  • Ok, rebooting my router a few times seems to have fixed it.