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First of Merry Christmas everyone.

I have had my Neeo laying around for a long time (year) And I must say that i not yet using it as my favorite Remote. Today im using a Beo4 with Lintronic. However I'm struggling alittle to get my Neeo to work as intended compare to my Beo4 solution.


One of my struggles are that i have this room e.g. Garden.

In this i have setup a SONOS speaker and a Chromecast service that actually is only connected to a SONOS Connect as input.

But what struggles me is that i now have these to devices/recipes in my NEEO screen. Great. Both devices Cannot be active at the same time ofcouse.

So my launch command when i Press Chromecast is the power off the SONOS speaker, and does poweroff or removes the SONOS from the homescreen as active.

However this is not posible the other way round, Becouse Im missing the option to poweroff a recipe. So when i Press SONOS while the Chromecast is on, on NEEO it shows me both the SONOS and Chromecast as active. Bummer.

Is there really not a way to poweroff another recipe, even that the actually devices dont have a poweroff option in it self. I need to poweroff/close the recipe.

And then a side note, the SONOS integrations is from my point of view really useless.
Only Spotify is supported, even that we got told from the kickstarter that every services was posible. So i cant use my streaming service using NEEO.

Also its not posible to select and input from another SONOS speaker, like from the NEEO selecting Input device from a Connect. Also the graphic on a iPhone SE does not work Well. The back arrow and menu button is Half in the content whitespace.


all In all this product is pretty nice, as hardware only. However im really disapointed in the Way it works (or not). It missing really fundamental functionalities. I dont understand why everthing needs to be “wired” up in the settings. Why not just make it posible for me to create a recipe (empty one) and add devises functions one by one. To what suit my needs. And Also control of the hardware bottons. Sadly its just laying around with out using it. And Them its really Nice to read that you moved on to Pro. What the fuck this product Aint even finish yet. Focus boys, focus on the consumers made all this posible at the frist place


Best Regards

Thomas Nissen

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  • Join the club :-( From what I am learning here the software is half-baked at best - a real shame...

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  • Hi  Thomas Nissen Hope all is well and you're gearing up for an awesome New Year :). I would like to jump on a phone call with you at your earliest convenience so I can help you with this post. Feel free to DM with your contact details, date & time too. 


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    • Jeff happy new year.

      did you get my PM?

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      • Jeff@NEEO
      • Head of Customer Experience
      • Jeff
      • 2 mths ago
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      Thomas Nissen Yes :). Responded to it already.

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