Finding NEEO - Desperately searching <unknown ssid>


on my new Google Pixel 3 running Android 9 the NEEO app tries to find the brain using <unknown ssid> Network (See attached Screenshot).

The Phone is connected to my usual wireless Network and it shows the correct ssid in system preferences. 

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance 


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  • Tobias Buser Is this the same NEtwork than it is for the NEEO? are there different Acess Point? Is you Brain still reachable from the Remote and gets a IP Adress in your NEtwork? is Your BRain connected via WiFi only or wired?

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  • hi Tobias Buser my Pixel 2 has the same Problem, but it is able to connect to the brain on "unknown SSID"

    are you able to find the Brain or not?

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  • Markus Mahr nuro Thanks for your replies. 

    First I had the brain directly wired to the router. It came up and got an IP adress of my network. I could find the brain in the app, configured the wireless connection successfully and when it said I would unwire it and place it anywhere I did so. After that, the app wasn't able to find the brain anymore. I have only one wireless network. The brain is not reachable from the remote. 

    I should mention that I did a factory reset on the brain initially because I relocated and want to use it in a completely different environment. 

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    • Tobias Buser i had the same behavior last week. i did a reconfig of the wirless Network. excat the steps you did. wired the brain and configured the WiFi connection new..

      try to restart your wireless router first, after that follow the steps you just mentioned.

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  • After several restarts of the router I was able to establish a connection between app and brain.

    Next obstacle is that neither login to my existing nor creating a new account is working (as already described here: .

    I will try again later today. 

    Thx for your help so far.

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